Quotes on Grief and Love For The Really Bad Days.

When my dad was diagnosed with Lung Cancer, we had no idea how this story would end.  Unfortunately, after a 21-month battle that an army would be proud of finding quotes on grief and love became our daily obsession.  

Now, it’s like a blur.  For almost two years our stress levels were at the absolute max, but we rose to every single challenge cancer threw at us (even when we could barely get out of bed) …

Then everything stopped for us.  After 21 months of adventures, bucket lists, and talking about everything under the sun, we lost my dad.

So,  where do you even start trying to deal with the loss of someone who has been there for every part of your life?

There is no easy answer to this question.  You just do the best you can.  

Life goes on around you and you do your best to participate.  Talking with someone and getting some of this stuff off your chest will help.

Some days you can’t deal with any of it and that’s okay.  You cry all day and you just can’t get it together.  

Other days you feel a little better,  it seems like you might be heading in a positive direction and there is hope that things will be okay again.  So naturally, you feel guilty about feeling any kind of hope for the future.

Then out of nowhere… you see something, burst into tears and you’re right back to where you started.

Each day is its own struggle. 

There is nothing that can be said to ease the pain of losing someone significant in your life.  There is nothing that will make it easier or make it less painful.  People will try to help, but there is just nothing that will make it better, or make it go any faster.

You have to keep going. Wake up every morning and do the best you can.  

These quotes on grief and love helped my family survive a loss that rocked us to the core.  

I hope it does the same for your family.  

Quotes On Grief and Love

quotes on grief and love Young woman crying on the couch, text overlay says I think of things you used to say and all that you would do, at some point every single day my thoughts will turn to you. To lose you was a bitter wrench the pain cut to my core. I cried until my tears ran out and then I cried some more. This wouldn’t be your wish for me that i’d be forever sad, so I try to remind myself of the happy times we had. I know I can’t be with you now and you can’t be with me but safe inside my heart you’ll stay that’s where you’ll always be.

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