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Is this for you?

  • Has someone you love been diagnosed with cancer?
  • Has this disease taken over your life?
  • Are you stressed and anxious about the future and stuck in a constant state of worry?
  • Are you having a difficult time coping with the feelings and emotions that come with this disease?
  • Do you find yourself wondering how you can possibly manage all of this without losing your mind?

We know exactly what that feels like. If your life has changed because cancer has exploded into the life of someone you love, this site was created for you.

 We can’t change the cancer, but we can help you …

  • Figure out what to do next.
  • Implement strategies that will help you manage the chaos. 
  • Find real ways to combat the stress.
  • Beat the mental and physical exhaustion you’re drowning in.
  • Manage information that’s flying at you (so you quickly have what you need).
  • Find TONS of resources that are available to help. 
  • Create things to look forward to, especially when you’re exhausted and everything sucks.
  • Figure out how to deal with cancer AND manage your life.

Who are we? 

I’m Jennifer Lane, and when my dad was diagnosed with Small Cell Lung Cancer I was greatly affected by this whole experience on so many different levels… 

Figuring out how to maneuver all of this cancer business is challenging, and when we couldn’t find a resource to help us…

We created one and The Cancer Bomb was born!

We know how devastating this disease can be for families going through it. Our mission is to make your journey a little bit easier and a lot less stressful.  

Unfortunately, my dad passed away after a 21-month fight, but let me tell you, we fought a hell of a battle. <3

Since then, 7 other people in my “circle” have been diagnosed with cancer, including my father-in-law, my mother, and my husband.  (Welcome to the club that NO ONE wants to be in.)

I hate cancer. With a passion.  

But I’ll also admit that some truly incredible things came out of our cancer journey.  Things I never expected, but that I will cherish for the rest of my life.  

How can I help?

I understand that dealing with this is hard.  Really hard. 

You can’t fall apart, because you don’t have time.  You have to be strong even when you feel weak and helpless.  

No matter what, you just have to keep going. Some days are good and you can handle this. 

And other days, you cry all day and you can barely hold yourself together. It’s completely normal, just part of the gig.  

This is intense, scary, and permanent stuff and there is no right way to handle it.

People are compassionate but no one really understands unless they’ve been through it.  

I get it, and I can help you…

  • Become an incredible caregiver to someone that you love.  
  • Find real ways to manage all of the chaos that cancer drops into your world.  
  • Identify strategies to help you cope with the stress, the anxiety and the emotions.  
  • Find ways to save time and energy.  
  • Figure out how to help someone you love fight cancer and manage your own life too.
  • Identify resources that are available to help.  
  • Help you stay strong and inspired so you’ll be able to handle whatever cancer throws at you.

Ready to get started?

The easiest way to start is grab one of our free programs.

*You only have to sign up for one, you’ll automatically get all three when you sign up.

Cancer Binder Pack

Image of the cancer binder pack

The Cancer Binder Pack is a free printable pack that will help you get all of the important stuff together and organized.  It covers all of the questions the doctors will ask you over and over again.  And it takes less than an hour to put it together (and minutes to maintain!).  Just follow the step-by-step instructions included in the pack.  And the best part, it’s FREE.

  • We had everything they needed.
  • Everything they asked for. 
  • We got compliments from EVERYONE at the doctor’s office on how organized we were (which was pretty awesome considering what a hot mess we’d been before).

The free printable Cancer Binder Pack is the easiest way to set up a DIY cancer binder.  We walk you through everything step by step so you can get all of your important medical information organized and under control, for free. 

You can grab the Cancer Binder Pack for FREE here…

Cancer Combat Plan

Image and benefits of the free cancer binder pack

If you have no idea how to deal with a cancer diagnosis, we can help you formulate a plan…  

  • Finding the best care
  • Talking with your insurance company
  • Finding resources that will actually help,
  • Dealing with the fear, anxiety, and overwhelm of this whole situation.

And you can start from wherever you are in the process…

We can’t control the cancer, but we CAN show you how to manage this crisis.   And it’s 100% Free. 

You can get the Cancer Combat Plan FREE here…

Take Back Your Life From Cancer

cover page of free printable journal Take Back Your Life From Cancer.

 How do you keep fighting when you’re exhausted and devastated?  You clear your mind, get some of this stress out of your system and focus on what’s important.  

Take Back Your Life From Cancer is a journal created to help you find hope, perspective, and the motivation you’ll need to keep fighting in the midst of the storm. And the best part, it’s free. 

You can grab Take Back Your Life From Cancer here for free…

Exceptional Items We Found Along the Way…

Weekly Planning Pages

Splayed image of the weekly planning pages.

Real talk––You’re already dealing with the stress, the emotions, the terror, and the uncertainty of a cancer situation.  Now, on top of that, you have to figure out how to handle everything else that comes with this disease.

This printable planner created for caregivers and the only way I was able to survive a crazy week with a million things going on.  It focuses on priorities… 

  • Where do you need to be?
  • What do you need to do?
  • How can you head off as much craziness as possible?

The weekly planning pages are a simple and quick “snapshot” of everything you have going on this week with an easy to use format.   It includes step-by-step instructions (with screenshots) for printing and binding your planner in the cheapest way possible.  

You can grab the weekly planning pages here for $7…

Hot Cherry Pillows

Grandmother laying down and soothing her ill grandson with a Hot Cherry therapuetic pillow.

Therapeutic pillows that ease side effects and provide comfort and healing. Place them in the microwave for some heat therapy or in the freezer to deal with swelling or fever and they are 100% washable (right in the machine).

Hot Cherry Pillows are made with a soft material that feels great on your skin and are filled with cherry pits (note: they don’t mold, ever).  When the pits are heated they deliver an amazing warm heat that helps soothe your body and relieves aches and pain.  

Hot Cherry Pillows provide comforting and relaxing heat even in your coldest and most uncomfortable moments.

You can check out Hot Cherry Pillows here…

Northshore Supreme Briefs

Package of Northshore Supreme Briefs.

Depends are great for urine.  They are NOT great for diarrhea, bowel movements or two-hour-long car rides with no rest stops.

As you get further into this journey, things might change.  When it’s time to go, there is no “hold on a second”.  Your loved one may have to go right now and waiting might not be an option.

We found that being prepared was the best way to handle this.

These briefs are amazing.  They are comfortable, absorbent (they can hold a lot) and NOTHING is getting through these suckers.  Seriously, nothing.

These briefs are solid.

You can grab Northshore Supreme Briefs here (you won’t be sorry!)…


Battling cancer can take you to some really dark places mentally. It doesn’t matter if you’re the patient or the caregiver… Anxiety, fear, and depression will wreak havoc on your mental health. 

I know what you’re thinking… I don’t have time for this.  

Talkspace gives you access to a licensed therapist on YOUR schedule and from the comfort of your home.  

They work with some insurances and offer tools and solutions to help you navigate the challenges and anxiety that will pop up as a result of this situation.  

Worried that you won’t be able to talk freely to a therapist?  A lot of these conversations are done by text, so you won’t have to worry about being overheard or interrupted constantly.  

It’s like having just one more weapon in your arsenal to get through this situation.

You can learn more about Talkspace here…

Queasy Drops

Queasy drops natural nausea relief .

These little suckers pack a pretty powerful punch.  They combat nausea and help when your taste is off which are both awful side effects of cancer treatment.  

The drops are totally natural (they were originally made for morning sickness) so they are safe even for kids.  And as an added bonus, they were developed by health care professionals, making them an excellent gift idea for cancer someone with cancer.

But the best thing about these drops… they actually work.

You can find out more about Queasy Drops here…

What a Crock Meals to Go

On the days that you have NO extra time and energy… these are quick and easy meals that you toss right in the crockpot.  You go about your day and voila, dinner is ready to eat when you get home.  

But these are not your ordinary crockpot meals…

I didn’t even know you could make things like that in a crockpot.  

You can learn more about What a Crock Meals to Go here…

Beyond Flowers and Food

They have an incredible collection of gifts for “life’s most difficult moments.”  

The gifts include things they need to get through but also packs a bit of a punch.

As a special bonus, this company beautifully gift boxes every purchase and includes a personalized note from you.

You can learn more about Beyond Flowers and Food here…


If your loved one is struggling with the small text on their phone but needs the escape, distraction, and connection to loved ones that a cell phone provides, this is a great option. 

This smartphone has a bigger screen so it’s easier to read, text, and navigate.  They even include an emergency response button that connects you to a certified agent who can get you help when you need it or connect you to a doctor or registered nurse for questions.  

You can grab the Jitterbug Smartphone here…

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