25 Gift Ideas For Men With Cancer That Will Make Life Better.

If you're looking for the perfect gift for someone you love, you should check out these incredible gift ideas for male cancer patients.  

When my dad was first diagnosed with Lung Cancer, I spent a lot of time searching for things that would keep him strong and inspired.

I swear, it felt like there were no gift ideas for male cancer patients out there.

Gifts wrapped in brown paper with a bow.  Text overlay says 25 Gift Ideas for men with cancer that that will make life better.

What do you get for a man who is suffering through this debilitating disease?

How can you help someone you love to keep fighting when they have more bad days than good?

It’s the “little things” we take for granted every day, that cancer robs from people.  

If you really want to kick cancer in the teeth, you help them take those “little things” back.  

  • Comfort
  • Pain relief
  • Relaxation
  • Confidence
  • Normalcy

You help them find ways to escape the stress and anxiety and start to feel normal again.

When you’re looking for meaningful, comforting gift ideas for male cancer patients, there are a whole lot of choices out there.  

You just have to find them.

We’ve taken the guesswork out so you can find meaningful, inspiring gifts that will help someone you love to fight this terrifying disease. 

Gift Ideas For Male Cancer Patients That Will Make Life Better

1. Hot Cherry Pillows 

red suede Hot Cherry Pillow

There are two things that profoundly affect people during cancer and cancer treatment… One is being cold and the other is feeling pain.  

If you’re looking for something to soothe the side effects and provide comfort and healing, these pillows are genius!  Place them in the microwave for some heat therapy or in the freezer to deal with swelling or fever.  They are 100% washable (right in the machine.

Hot Cherry Pillows are made with a soft material that feels great on your skin and are filled with cherry pits (note: they don’t mold, ever).  When the pits are heated they deliver an amazing warm heat that helps soothe your body and relieve aches and pain.  

These pillows provide comforting and relaxing heat even in your coldest, most uncomfortable moments.

You can check out Hot Cherry Pillows here…

2. Resilience Agenda

Resillience Agenda's fanned out in  5 diffrent colors.

Cancer is an incredibly scary crisis situation.  Even if the prognosis is fantastic, this disease is a lot to deal with.  Life as you know it has completely changed, and it will NEVER be the same again.   

  • Anxiety about scans and treatment.
  • Worrying about what’s going to happen?
  • What if the diagnosis is wrong and it’s worse than they thought?  
  • What if the cancer has spread?
  • What if it comes back? 

And once those thoughts start rattling around in your head, it’s really hard to kick them out.   Cancer involves a tremendous amount of mental stress, depression, and anxiety.

The Resilience Agenda is designed to focus on mental health and wellbeing.  By focusing on the 10 pillars that improve mental fitness, it uses psychology and behavioral science to…

  • Help find peace and perspective (no matter what life throws at them).
  • Increases the ability to cope through a crisis (and also cope through life).
  • Decrease stress, anxiety, and depression so you feel more in control of this uncontrollable situation.  

Focusing on mental health will keep you strong and resilient against whatever cancer throws your way.   

You can learn more about the Resilience Agenda here…

3. Just Don’t Send Flowers: Cancer Gift Basket

 Men's gift basket with of Chemo Crap reusable tote bag.

These gift baskets (and this company) are seriously awesome!

The chemo/radiation gift basket for men is full of comfort items specifically for men. Fleece throws, nausea items, comfortable (yet manly) skincare items to soothe irritated skin, reusable icy towel, a stylish beanie for head warmth, and crew socks to protect and warm feet. 

The entire gift basket comes in a messenger bag that can be used over and over again and taken anywhere.   

You can learn more about this gift basket here…

4. Stand Up to Cancer T-shirt

Stand up to cancer Ragland T-shirt

If you want your gift to have an even bigger impact, this company allows you to sport a t-shirt or a sweatshirt that lets the world know you’re not taking this cancer nonsense lying down. 

They also help fund new and promising treatments that benefit patients everywhere.  These guys and gals are committed to research and discoveries that “lead to better cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, which means that we can help save lives now.”

You can support Stand Up to Cancer here…

5. Scooter

Electric mobility scooter

Cancer changes everything, including the ability to walk long distances and have enough energy to do the things you love.  

This scooter became my dad’s independence when he lost a lot of his mobility after his diagnosis.  We used a wheelchair for a while, but it was incredibly frustrating when he couldn’t do things on his own.  

This scooter meant he could take advantage of the good days, plan incredible activities, and have enough energy to do them.  

Heads up though, every single day I found myself saying became “slow down”, “wait up”, and “hold on” because the rest of us were walking!”

You can check out a travel scooter here…

6. Bluetooth Beanie

Black bluetooth beanie cap for men.

This beanie not only keeps your head warm and covered.  It also plays your favorite music without the need to use headphones.  

Perfect for playing soothing music during treatment visits, long car rides, and during endless waiting at the dr office!  This is one of the best gift ideas for male cancer patients.

You can check out this Bluetooth Beanie here…

7. Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride Strategy game

This is an amazing game of strategy.  The mission is to be the first one to build a set of tracks to your destination.  

It’s easy, fun and the whole family will love it.  Talk about a great way to spend an afternoon escaping the cancer situation and it won’t deplete your energy. It’s a blast.

You can grab Ticket to Ride here… 

8. iPad Mini

iPad Mini great gift ideas for male cancer patients.

Cancer changes the way your body functions, and you spend a TON of time resting and waiting.  After a while, staring at a tiny phone starts to really affect your eyes. 

The iPad allows you to do all of the things you would do on your phone (read books, listen to music, watch movies, play games, etc.) but on a bigger scale.  And, you can enlarge the text if needed.  The iPad makes for a more comfortable user experience, making this one of our amazing gift ideas for male cancer patients.

You can check out the iPad

9. Comfortable Sweatpants

Comfortable sweatpants one of the best gift ideas for male cancer patients ever.

I don’t think my dad even owned a pair of sweatpants before he had cancer.  But after starting treatment that’s practically all he could wear.  Comfort is the name of the game when you’re exhausted, you feel sick and nauseated, or your skin is dry and painful.  

Regular fabrics chafe and aggravate the skin and buttons and snaps are more complicated than they used to be.  

Focus on what feels comfortable, especially if you’re spending the day sitting in the waiting room.

You can find TONS of comfortable sweatpants here…

10. Cushioned Socks

4 pairs of warm cushioned socks in 4 different colors.  Another one of many great gift ideas for male cancer patients

Soft, thick, warm socks are an absolute must for anyone dealing with cancer.   First of all, your feet take the brunt of everything.  

Swelling, pain, and neuropathy are not unusual side effects of cancer.  And then there is the cold (not to mention uncomfortable) temperature in your feet that can make your entire body feel like it’s freezing.

 Warm and toasty socks are a simple way to help solve a lot of problems. 

You can find nice warm socks here…


Black FCK Cancer Planner.

The ultimate planner to punch cancer in the face.  It will not only help you get your sh*t together (which will make this whole situation easier) but it’s also filled with inspiration and humor that can only be understood by someone in this situation.

No one should have to go through this, but if you do… it’s empowering to recognize it for what it is… a straight-up sh*t show.

It’s full of trackers, weekly layouts, and note pages so there is plenty of space to record everything that’s happening during the journey. 

But the planner’s most important feature is the cursing, which is highly appropriate under the circumstances.  So rather than hiding your feelings, you can just say it like it is.  

And tell cancer to go f*ck itself.   

You can learn more about the FCK Cancer planner here…

12. Sensitive Skin Body Wash

Aveeno Skin Relief Body Wash

One of the most common symptoms of cancer treatment is incredibly dry and painful skin.  This soothing body wash uses oatmeal to comfortably nurture your skin.  

Recommended by dermatologists, this coconut-scented body wash helps to relive and repair painful dry skin.  It’s one of Aveeno’s many products that combat the skin effects of cancer treatment. 

The Aveeno line is a natural and holistic way to help skin feel better.

Aveeno Skin Relief Body Wash

13. Bamboo Washcloths

5 rolled up Ultra soft Bamboo Washcloths.

Pro tip: regular washcloths feel like sandpaper, especially when skin is dry and painful.  And a loofah (or anything designed to exfoliate) is not an option. 

Bathing should be rejuvenating.  It should feel good.  It shouldn’t hurt.  

These bamboo washcloths are made of ultra soft material.  Created for babies with sensitive skin, they’re PERFECT for skin that is dry, cracked, and painful.  Incredibly soft washcloth are one of the most helpful gift ideas for male cancer patients.

You can learn more about Ultra Soft Bamboo Washcloths here…

14. Aveeno Skin Relief Intense Moisture Repair Cream 

Skin Relief Moisture Repair cream for very dry skin.

Dry, cracked, chafing skin is incredibly sore and painful.  Give them the gift of body cream that delivers a soothing and healing intense moisture and alleviates painful dry skin.  

This lotion is designed to tackle the type of dry skin that if left untreated is distressing and uncomfortable.  

Men won’t be embarrassed to wear this fragrance free lotion that eases and repairs extremely dry skin so they can finally find relief.

The Aveeno line is a natural and holistic way to help your skin feel better.

You can learn more about Aveeno Skin Relief Intense Moisture Cream here…

15. Aquaphor Lip Repair Stick

It’s hard to feel good about yourself when you’re struggling through the painful side effects of cancer.  

Just like your skin, treatments can wreak havoc on your lips.  And dry, cracked lips hurt

Aquaphor lip repair stick gives you relief as soon as you use it by soothing and repairing dry chapped lips.  

Using ingredients like Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, and Vitamin C is a solid way to tackle dry painful lips after treatment.  

You can check out Aquaphor Lip Repair Stick here…

16. Queasy Drops

Queasy drops. Gift Ideas For Male Cancer Patients

These little suckers pack a pretty powerful punch.  They combat nausea and help when your taste is off which are both awful side effects of cancer treatment.  

The drops are totally natural (they were originally made for morning sickness) so they are safe even for kids.  And as an added bonus, they were developed by health care professionals, making them an excellent gift idea for male cancer patients.

But the best thing about these drops… they actually work.

You can find out more about Queasy Drops here…

17. Audible-Audio Books

For the avid reader who is fighting this battle, Audiobooks mean you can lose yourself in someone else’s story and forget about your own for a while.  Escape is a blessing for someone going through a cancer battle. 

These books download right to your phone, so you can “get lost” whenever you have the time.  Long car rides, endless waiting times, trying to sleep but can’t… these books will help your loved one get lost in someone else’s drama for a while and take a break from their own.

You can get Audible Books by clicking here…

18. Crock Pot Chicken Soup

Close up shot of homemade chicken noodle soup

Who doesn’t LOVE a big bowl of Chicken Noodle Soup when they’re not feeling well?  

Soothing broth, hearty vegetables, and chunks of chicken…chicken soup is a feel good food.  And this chicken soup is quick and easy.  You just dump it in the crockpot and a few hours later it’s completely cooked and ready to serve.

The ultimate comfort food for the days that suck.

You can check out the best tasting (not to mention easy) Crockpot Chicken Soup here…

19. Yogi Ginger Tea

Yogi Ginger Tea-Gift Ideas For Male Cancer Patients

My mother had a difficult time after cancer surgery (they removed a foot of her colon) with her stomach.  She swears by this tea… it helps with nausea and queasy stomach and she swears by this tea.  It’s a great gift ideas for male cancer patients. Even now, years after the surgery, she still uses this tea whenever she has an upset stomach.

You can find Yogi Ginger Tea here…

20. The Yard Milkshake Kit

Let’s start by clearing up the sugar issue. You know the one I’m talking about, that cancer feeds on sugar and how eliminating all of the sugar from your diet would cure the cancer.  (In case you’ve had a similar conversation about sugar, that’s not true).  

These over-the-top milkshake kits are awesome for days when everything sucks.  It can also help with weight gain for someone who has lost a significant amount of weight.  One thing I can tell you for sure, milkshakes were a HUGE part of our journey.  

My dad struggled with eating, a lot.  Things tasted different (in a bad way) and he lost about 60 lbs.  The doctors encouraged us to find things he wanted to eat.  We tried protein power and cliff bars but he hated all of it.  

Milkshakes, however, he absolutely LOVED through our entire journey.  And because they have such a good flavor, we were able to add a bit of protein powder as well.

These giant milkshakes kick it up a notch.  They’re over the top and full of delicious treats, like brownies and cookie dough.  And you can make them yourself right in the kitchen.  

Let’s be honest, wouldn’t YOU feel better after drinking that?

You can check out the Yard Milkshake Kits here…

21. Cycle of Lives: 15 People’s Stories, 5,000 Miles, and a Journey Through the Emotional Chaos of Cancer

Cover of the cycle of lives.

These stories were written by and for men.  A book of hope and inspiration that tells the story of 15 people whose lives were irrevocably changed by cancer.

Knowing that you’re not alone, that you’re not the only one struggling through all these thoughts feelings and emotions is a huge deal. In fact, it’s the key to overcoming.  

Cancer drops some pretty intense stuff on you.  Kind of like a punch in the face.

Books like this remind you that you can do this

You can learn more about the book here…  

22. Smash The Chemo Mug

Coffee mug that says this is my chemo mug and I will smash it into a thiusand peices when this is all over.

How about a gift that gives them something to look forward to.  It’s no secret that I’m a fan of breaking things as a way to cope.  It relieves stress and gives you an outlet for all of the emotions and stress that are piling up.

This mug is made to be broken.  The significance of using this mug just so you can break it into a thousand pieces when chemo is done… now that’s something to look forward to!  

You can grab one of these mugs here…

23. Secretly Hoping Chemo Gives Me Superpowers Shirt

Black t-shirt that says secretly hoping chemo gives me superpowers. Gift Ideas For Male Cancer Patients

If you don’t find some humor in a cancer situation, I swear, you’ll lose your mind.   This is one of the most intense situations anyone will go through… so finding some relief by putting a positive spin on a shitty situation is a great way to cope.  

And don’t forget to laugh.  One of the best ways to combat some of this intense and constant stress is to laugh out loud at some of the ridiculousness in this situation.  Cancer doesn’t get to take that from them… the important stuff like happiness and laughter.  

This shirt will help them take that back.  

P.S If you’re going through chemo, you already have superpowers!  

You can check out this shirt here…

24. Fuck Cancer T-shirt

Clack fuck cancer t-shirt.

I’m a total fan of anything that tells cancer where to stick it.  And this shirt makes quite an impression.  If you’re gonna drop an F-bomb, might as well use in the most appropriate manner.  

You can grab this t-shirt here…

25. Healing Blanket

Positive vibes blanket-Gift Ideas For Male Cancer Patients

This isn’t just a blanket, although it provides all of the warmth and comfort you’ll need to get through a bad day.  This is a warm gift of caring that is (literally) covered with good thoughts and positive vibes.  

Covered with positive, healing thoughts and encouragement to help you get through even the darkest of days.  

There are a lot of bad days during a cancer battle, so these gentle reminders of hope and healing can make a huge difference when everything sucks.

You can grab the healing blanket here…

If you;re searching for gift ideas for male cancer patients and you feel like you’re coming up empty, here’s my best tip.

It’s the “little things” we take for granted every day, that cancer robs from people.  

Feeling good enough to do the things you love, rather than wasting day after day at the doctors, or feeling like crap.

If you really want to kick cancer in the teeth, you help them take those “little things” back.  You help them find ways to escape the stress and take back their comfort, pain, relief, relaxation, confidence, and normalcy.

And there you have it, the best gift ideas we’ve found for men who have been diagnosed with cancer.

P.S.  If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer, we can help you get through this.  You can our FREE step-by-step guide to get started here…

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