Hot Cherry Pit Pillows

A Genius Solution for Aches and Pains

Red suede Hot Cherry Pillow.

Discover how easy it is to find relief and comfort with Hot Cherry Pillows. The BEST therapeutic pillow on the market.  Filled with clean, dried cherry pits, Hot Cherry Pillows offer soothing heat therapy for all kinds of pain and discomfort.

Finding comfort and relief can feel impossible when you’re experiencing the intense pain of cancer. I know this firsthand. My dad, who was battling Lung Cancer, felt the constant agony of chilling cold and excruciating pain that seemed like it would never end.

Struggles During Cancer

Cancer brings with it SO MANY challenges, but these two seem to occur across the board…

  1. Feeling cold
  2. Excruciating pain 

My dad, who was diagnosed with Lung Cancer, suffered from both. Every step he took was cautious, every movement a challenge. Bedtime was always a struggle, and midnight bathroom trips turned into hours of discomfort.

Then we found Hot Cherry Pillows, a genius solution inspired by an old Swiss tradition. These therapeutic pillows, are not just a great product, they’re also filled with clean, dried natural cherry pits. They’re made in the USA using a patented process that involves only water and heat—no harmful chemicals.

Check Out What Hot Cherry Pillows Has to Offer…

Which Pillow Should I Get?

Square Pillow

This pillow is great for upper and lower back pain, tummies, legs, feet and hot flashes!  It’s offered in both Red Denim and Red Suede.

You can check out the square pillow here…

Heart Shaped Pillow 

Hot Cherry Pillow-Red Heart Shaped

This is a smaller pillow so it works wonders for knee pain, abdominal pain, and muscle aches in your arms, chest, or shoulder.  

You can get the heart shaped pillow here…

Double Square Pillow

I have this pillow and I literally use it for everything.  Back pain, neck pain and stiffness, and even the kid’s muscle aches and sports injuries

You can get the double square pillow here…

Eye Pillow

These pillows are great for smaller areas like face and hands and are an amazing way to ease headaches and migraines.

You can get the Eye Pillow here…

Triple Square Pillow

The triple square pillow is like a body pillow and so it covers a larger area  than a double square pillow.  Useful for any large part of the body, it easily addresses stiff joints, aches and pain or muscle cramps.

You can get the triple square pillow here…

Neck Wrap

If neck pain, shoulder pain  and stiffness are the issues OR you want a pillow to cover smaller backs or a little tummy (like for kids) this is a great option.    The ultimate warm or cold pain relief wrap.  

You can get the neck wrap here…

Cervical Neck Pillow

Cervical hot cherry  pillows with cherry blossom pillow case.

This pillow was created with the help of a Chiropractor to replace your normal bed pillow.  It was designed to support and restore the natural curve of your neck. 

If you’re suffering from a stiff neck, or are looking for an option that helps you ease the pain and stiffness… this is a great option.

You can get the cervical neck pillow here…

How Hot Cherry Pillows Work

When they’re heated, the cherry pits deliver a remarkable moist heat that alleviates aches and pains. Whether you need long-lasting heat therapy or cold therapy and relief from swelling and fever (yes, they can be frozen too!), Hot Cherry Pillows are the go-to solution.

It’s More Than Just a Pillow

The best cherry pit pillow you can get, and a GREAT gift idea for someone with cancer. A warm pillow that’s not just functional; they’re also 100% machine washable and won’t mold, ever. Made with a soft, comfortable material, they tackle a variety of pains, including…

  • arthritis pain
  • joint pain
  • cancer-related discomfort
  • stomach cramps
  • tension headaches
  • back pain
  • stress
  • muscle ache
  • muscle pain
  • cold feet
  • injuries
  • stomach ache
  • sore muscles

Discovering Hot Cherry Pillows was a game-changer for us. My dad’s steps became more confident, midnight bathroom trips were a lot easier, and precious moments became significantly better without the excruciating pain.

As a bonus, they smell like sweet cherry pie.

Experience the Relief For Yourself

Hot Cherry Pillows

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