Planners and Journals

Cancer Planners that Make Life Easier

Weekly Planning Pages

All the pages in the weekly planner pages monthly calander page, bill tracker, weekly pages, daily pages.

A quick and easy way to tackle a cancer schedule and get your week organized. The Weekly Planning Pages are crafted for cancer focusing on planning ahead and walking you through how to stack tasks and lay out the week in a strategic way that makes LIFE EASIER.

You can get the Weekly Planning Pages here


Fck cancer planner

Punch cancer in the face with the FCK Cancer Planner. It’s not just about getting organized – it’s also about feeling empowered, finding humor and inspiration tailored for those facing this challenging journey. The planner that helps you plan, while creatively telling cancer where it can go. 

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I’ll See You On the Other Side of The Stars

The biggest concern for someone facing a terminal cancer diagnosis is, “what’s going to happen to my family?”  This thoughtful planner will give you peace of mind to develop a plan and ensure your family is well taken care of.   Take control of this, and find peace of mind in the process.

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Journals To Process Complicated Feelings and Emotions

Cancer … and I: A 365 Day Guided Diary to Journal Your Cancer Emotions Diary

Cancer ... and I: A 365 Day Guided Diary to Journal Your Cancer Emotions
  • Amazon Kindle Edition
  • Grobler, Ronell (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 399 Pages - 07/19/2020 (Publication Date)

Terminal diagnoses are terrifying and bring a wave of complicated emotions. The 365 Day Guided Diary is a thoughtful gift, your loved one a healthy way to process their feelings. Let this diary guide them through the constant change, fear, and uncertainty of a cancer diagnosis. 

You can grab the guided diary here…

Rage Page Journal

When cancer takes over, you need an outlet to deal with all the feelings, chaos and emotions. The Rage Page gives you a fun place to unload the stress and anxiety in a healthy way. This practical gift allows you to curse, yell, and scream in writing, so you can dump some of that stress and find the strength and motivation you need to keep going.

Get the Rage Page Journal here…

Let That Sh*t Go Journal

Let that shit go journal.

The emotional support that everyone needs when cancer explodes into your world. Let That Sht Go Journal is a gift of finding peace and happiness, processing your feelings, and embracing the emotional support you deserve. 

Grab Let That Sht Go Journal here…

Wreck This Journal

Wreck this journal

Cancer sucks, but expressing your feelings doesn’t have to. Wreck This Journal is a fun and healthy outlet to release your emotions. The prompts encourage you to destroy pages, make a mess, and find some fun (and relief) in this therapeutic journal suitable for both kids and adults. 

You can grab Wreck This Journal here…

Promptly Journal Autobiography Journal

Guided Prompts for a Timeless Record of Your Life’s Journey.   It’s the gift of the stories and memories of their lifetime.  With guided prompts from childhood to the golden years, this journal ensures your story is preserved for generations. 

You can grab the Promptly Journal Autobiography Journal here…

F*ck You Cancer Journal

Cancer, meets raw honesty. The Fck You Cancer Journal lets you say it like it is. Journaling helps unload fear, anxiety, and overwhelming thoughts. This is the gift to organize your thoughts and show cancer it’s not in control. 

Grab the Fck You Journal here…

F*ck Cancer: A Totally Inappropriate Self-Affirming Adult Coloring Book

Fuck Cancer Coloring Book

Coloring isn’t just for kids. The F*ck Cancer Coloring Book provides a therapeutic outlet for both kids and adults. Amidst the chaos, find control, calm, and a not-so-subtle message for cancer. 

Grab the coloring book here…

 Self Love Journal From Promptly Journals

We understand the stress and anxiety that caregivers are dealing with every single day. The Self Love Journal is their oasis for self-care. With short prompts that they can do quickly in the morning, this journal provides an invaluable outlet for releasing the emotions and anxiety that come with this disease.

 Get the Self Love Journal here…

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