33 Great Ideas for Gifts for Children With Cancer.

How can you inspire a child to keep fighting cancer when they have more bad days than good?

What can you do to make the days easier and more comfortable?  

How can you help a child you love punch cancer in the face?  

Young girl lying on a fluffy run hauuging her stuffed animal.  Text overlay says 33 incredible gifts for children with cancer

When you’re looking for thoughtful, fun gifts for children with cancer, there are a whole lot of choices out there.  

You just have to find them.

We’ve taken the guesswork out so you can find meaningful, inspiring gifts that will help the child in your life fight this terrifying disease. 

Hot Cherry Pillows

Grandmother laying down with her ill grandson.

This is always my # 1 recommendation because this a useful gift that will be incredibly helpful during cancer.  They help with pain and swelling and can warm you up when you’re feeling cold.  

If you’re looking for something to soothe those nasty side effects and provide comfort and healing, these pillows are genius!  Place them in the microwave for some heat therapy or in the freezer to help deal with swelling or fever.  They are 100% washable (right in the machine).

Hot Cherry Pillows are made with a soft material that feels great on your skin and are filled with cherry pits (note: they don’t mold, ever).  When the pits are heated they deliver an amazing heat that helps relieve aches and pain.  

These pillows provide comforting and relaxing heat even in your coldest and most uncomfortable moments.And as a bonus, they smell subtly of cherry pie.

You can check out Hot Cherry pillows here…  

Bamba Box

Two boys opening up a cardboard box.

One of the top 10 best gifts for young cancer patients because it was created by a man who survived cancer at ages 6,9,11 and 21 (4x!) growing up.  Well, he grew up and created these incredible gift boxes are full of distractions and activities to keep kids busy and give them things to look forward to.  

Snuggle toys, play toys, art-related toys, these boxes are filled with things that your child will love.  Every box includes a parachute man (the creator’s favorite when he was a child) who can be thrown in the air and gently floats to the ground as the chute opens.  The parachute man can also win your child a special price if his chute is signed. 

Every Bamba box also includes a personalized letter from Ryan (who created the boxes), and membership access to a special song “Where Hope Lives.

You can learn more about Bamba Boxes here…

Doll That Looks Like Them

Young girl playing with her baby doll.

The American Girl company is well-known for its ability to represent girls from all walks of life through their historical dolls, Truly Me line of dolls, and custom dolls.  Did you know that the Truly Me line of dolls even has a line of dolls without hair?

One part of children’s cancer that can be really tough to deal with is the fact of hair loss that often comes with treatment.  Having a doll that looks like them can help them feel like they have a friend who understands.

You can learn more about those dolls here….

**That being said, it might be worth discussing the gift with a parent or even with the child themselves to find out whether they would prefer a doll without hair or one with hair like they want to have in the future :).  

Everyone has different preferences and that would alleviate the fear of accidentally hurting their feelings when you’re giving a gift to try to help brighten their day!

One fun thing about dolls as gifts for children with cancer is that you can also later gift them with matching girl and doll outfits, whether you buy them from American Girl, other places like Target, or even make them yourself.

Medical Equipment with Fun Designs

nurse in colorful scrubs applying a bandage to a girl who had blood drawn.

From medical retention tape and cute IV pole decorations to adorable G-tube button covers, Kids Hope Chest offers tons of fun, colorful medical equipment that is perfect for kids facing invasive, scary medical procedures in otherwise dreary hospital rooms.

If you’re more into DIY gifts, you might consider making some of these yourself.  There are TONS of sewing patterns out there for just this purpose, both free and paid. This is a great way to customize the medical supplies to suit the interests of the child, whether that’s using Peppa Pig or Superman fabric or a custom fabric from Spoonflower.  

You can find sewing patterns here… 

Alternatively, if you want stuff more customized to the child but aren’t into the work of learning to sew, Etsy is a great resource!  Just search for the medical equipment you’re looking for, like G tube pads or PICC line covers, and you’ll find lots of options.

More than likely, if you don’t find something you like, you’ll even be able to find shops on Etsy willing to work with you on a custom order.

Gift Baskets

White wicker basket stuffed with colorful toys, candy and stuffed animals.

Just Don’t Send Flowers

Cancer Messed With the Wrong Kid

This small business has incredible gift baskets for people with cancer, including kids who are going through cancer.  A reusable bag makes a statement with its empowering message.  Inside are toys, games, stuffed animals, and subtle treats (no intense smells or flavors which can be an issue).  This gift pack also includes queasy drops, an all-natural way to deal with nausea.  

The perfect bag to make a statement when you’re going back and forth to treatment.

You can check out this gift basket from Just Don’t Send Flowers here…

The Gift Basket Store

The Gift Basket Store has all kinds of cool stuff for people with cancer, delicious treats get well soon items.  But if you’re shopping for a child, this Take Care Teddy Bear gift basket is PERFECT!  Filled with a soft stuffed animal bear and Mrs. Fields’ best-baked goodies, kids will appreciate this gift.   

Healing Baskets

Healing Baskets has a ton of great gifts for children with cancer.  Not only do they have their signature fully assembled (and super cute) gift baskets for kids and teens with cancer, but they also have individual gift ideas like books and heat pads. 

Side note that this is a great resource for other purposes as well, like sympathy gifts, get well gifts, and even gifts for caregivers.  Again, these come in the form of individual gifts or pre-assembled gift baskets.

Childhood Cancer Survival Gift

This comforting gift basket is full of toys and games to let them know they’re loved and keep them happy and distracted.  This basket has some cool contents toys and games, peppermint tea, hand warmer, gloves for cold hands, coloring books and colored pencils,  cards, and a super soft and fluffy stuffed animal pillow.  Kids will love this gift.

Ultimate Get Well Soon Gift

This care package gift is a great idea and is designed to keep them keep them occupied and busy.  Full of toys, activity books, snacks, games, and puzzles this gift basket will make sure they don’t run out of things to do.

You can learn more about the Ultimate Get Well Soon Gift


Mom holding her child with cancer.

Headcovers Unlimited is a great resource for head covers for children dealing with hair loss due to cancer treatment.

They have lots of options, whether you’re interested in cute hats or more sophisticated fabrics for fashionable girls.

As far as cute goes, you can’t get much better than this crocheted parrot hat with pirate accessories.

But then look how pretty this viscose bamboo cap is, which is available in all kinds of colors and patterns.

Facing hair loss isn’t easy, but having a fun accessory can help brighten up the situation a little!

Comfortable Pajamas

young boy sleeping with his teady bear in his space themed bedroom.

Children with cancer end up spending a lot of time resting and recuperating from treatment.  Resting is a lot more fun when you have family members to hang out with and pajamas you actually look forward to wearing.  

Carters has some of the best, most comfortable pajamas for kids in sizes from preemie to 14 kids.  They are generally tagless and stand up to lots of washing!  And, of course, they come in all kinds of adorable designs for both boys and girls. 

Of course, you can find great designs and fabrics at other retailers, too.  Even places like Target and Walmart have great options with beloved characters.

If in doubt about what styles or fabrics to choose to make things easier for the child, ask their parents about specific requests or requirements, like a tagless back or short sleeves, or whether the child tends to get too hot or too cold.

Stuffed Animals

Sad child with her head in her kness sitting against the wall with her teddy bear.

What kids don’t like stuffed animals?  I don’t think I’ve met any kids who don’t.  Who doesn’t need a cuddly companion when they’re going through a battle of this magnitude.

And kids facing cancer treatment or painful procedures are in particular need of comfort and will appreciate them all the more.

In this circumstance, it’s even more important to focus on purchasing from a good-quality brand that will stand up well to any washing it might need.

You might even consider including a wash bag, like this Teddy Needs a Bath Kit 

In any case, here are some ideas for high quality brands:

All these brands have super cute, well-made stuffed animal options.

Side note: if you’re looking for something extra unique, I’d recommend Jellycat.  They have everything, whether you’re looking for and they’re all crazy adorable.

The Yard Milkshake Kits

The yard milkshake bar over the top milkshakes.

These over-the-top milkshake kits are awesome for days when everything sucks. One thing I can tell you for sure, milkshakes were a HUGE part of our journey.  

My dad struggled with eating, a lot. Things taste different when you’re going through cancer (in a bad way) but mikshakes have a good mild flavor that tasted delicious, all the way through.  

These milkshakes kick it up a notch. They’re over the top, but NOT so over the top that you don’t want to drink them. They’re just enough to be totally unique and satisfying. And, they’re full of delicious treats, like brownies and homemade cookie dough (which you can always put on the side if you prefer). And you can make them yourself right in the kitchen.  

Let’s be honest, wouldn’t YOU feel better after drinking that?

You can check out the Yard Milkshake Kits here…

Queasy Drops

These little suckers pack a pretty powerful punch. They combat nausea and help when your taste is off which are both awful side effects of cancer treatment.  

The drops are totally natural (they were originally made for morning sickness) so they are safe even for kids. And as an added bonus, they were developed by health care professionals, making them an excellent gift idea for cancer patients

But the best thing about these drops… they actually work.

You can find out more about Queasy Drops here…

Bluetooth Beanie

This beanie not only keeps your head warm it also plays your favorite music without the need to use headphones.  Perfect for playing soothing music during treatment visits.  

You can check out this bluetooth beanie here…

Fun Indoor Activities

Facing time indoors and not being able to run and play outdoors is so hard for kids with cancer.  Helping supply them with fun indoor activities is hugely helpful! Some ideas…


Sad little boy with his head on the desk writing.

Wreck This Journal

Cancer Sucks!  And the Wreck This Journal is the perfect gift for a child dealing with intense stress.  A fun and healthy way to get some of the sadness, frustration, depression, and anxiety out of your head and onto paper.  

This not your typical, write down your feelings and feel better.  This journal was made to be destroyed.  It prompts you through destructive (but healthy) tasks and activities like making a mess, defacing pages and “wrecking” the journal.  Destroying things helps with stress and allows you to get some of your feelings out.  

You can read more about the Wreck This Journal here…

The 3 Minute Gratitude Journal for Kids: A Journal to Teach Children to Practice Gratitude and Mindfulness

One of the best ways to get through a situation of this magnitude is to find things to be grateful for and focus on the positive.  

You can learn more about the Gratitude Journal here…

 My Emotions Journal

This is a Feelings Journal For Kids And Teens – to help them express and identify their emotions through drawing & writing. This journal will help them dump some of the stress and anxiety of the situation and process the feelings that they’re experiencing.

You can learn more about the Emotions Journal here…


Little boy with an open book on his bed.

These books help them understand what’s happening during their journey in a non-frightening, kid-friendly way.  They also provide words of encouragement and inspiration to remind them how tough they are and ways to cope when things get intense (which helps on the days that suck).  These stories remind them that they can do this!  That they’re strong, brave, and resilient.

Amazing Annabelle: A Story for Kids Fighting Cancer

When a Kid Like Me Fights Cancer

They Call Me Brave: a children’s book about cancer

Video Games

3 children playong video games together on the livingroom floor.

Ipad Mini

Nintendo Switch

Gift Cards for Games, Toys, Music, and Movies

Board Games

Game Pieces and dice on a table

Ticket to Ride United States of America Map

This is an amazing game of strategy.  The mission is to be the first one to build a set of tracks to your destination.  This game is a blast, it’s easy and fun and the whole family will love it.  It’s a great way to spend an afternoon and it won’t deplete your energy.

You can grab Ticket to Ride here…

Exploding Kittens

This record-breaking game is fun for the whole family and it’s quick and easy to learn (takes like 2 min).  The premise is simple, if you draw an exploding kitten you lose (and you’re full of loser sauce!).  If you’re looking for a fun game full of laughter (the best medicine), Exploding Kittens is it!

You can check out Exploding Kittens here…


I just played this with my niece!  An oldie but a goodie (and still one of the top games for kids of this generation!) Who knew?

What kid won’t love this game?  It buzzes and lights up when you botch the surgery and you get to practice your skills.  

You can grab Operation here…

Art Supplies

Child's hands coloring, surrounded by handdrawn pictures and art supplies.

Staying busy and engaged helps you through.  If you’re not busy and distracted, that’s when the fear, anxiety, and depression starts to kick in.  A child whose fighting cancer, still needs to be a  a child.  

They still want to play, be happy and busy and get a little creative.  These gifts are the perfect way to let them express themselves while keeping them active and engaged.  This is a great way to express yourself and dump a ton of the stress that comes with this disease.  

Paint by Numbers for Kids Ages 8 to 12 Adults Beginner, Dinosaur DIY Oil Painting Gift Kits

How to Draw: Easy Techniques and Step-by-Step Drawings for Kids

Coloring Books For Kids Awesome Animals: For Kids Aged 7+

Coloring Books For Kids Cool Coloring: For Girls & Boys Aged 6-12

Whatever you decide is the perfect gift to get for the child in your life who is facing cancer, it is sure to be appreciated.  Life comes with so many extra challenges for these kids, and a little extra love can go a long way!

P.S.  If you have a friend, neighbor, or someone you work with who has been diagnosed with cancer and you want to do something meaningful for the family but you have no idea what to do or how to proceed… The Support Squad Care Kit: 13 Genuine Ways to Help a Family with Cancer is packed full of thoughtful and practical ways that ANYONE can do.

Because when you ask a family with cancer “do you need anything?”, they’ll almost always say no.  Why?

  • They have NO clue what they need, how you can help, or what would make this any easier for them.  
  • They’re drowning in this situation trying to manage a complicated, terrifying diagnosis and it’s hard to see anything beyond that. 

These are useful ways to help that will give the family the extra support they need without having to figure out a lot of complicated details.

You Can Grab the Support Squad Care Kit: 13 Genuine Ways to Help a Family with Cancer for Free Here….

Pages of the Support Squad Care Kit: 13 Genuine Ways to help a family with cancer.

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