21 Caregiver Gift Ideas that Will Make Life Easier.

Caregiver gift ideas that make life easier. If you're looking for meaningful gifts that inspire and motivate, look no further.

Caregivers are superheroes in disguise.  They’re juggling so many responsibilities and emotions while still providing unwavering love and support to their loved ones. If you know a family caregiver who deserves some recognition for their hard work, then you’ve come to the right place!

 We’ve compiled a list of thoughtful and practical gift ideas that are perfect for showing your appreciation to the caregiver in your life. 

While they’re running around to multiple appointments, all while totally exhausted.  I mean seriously drained, running on empty.

But it doesn’t matter. 

No matter how you’re feeling…

  • Stressed
  • Exhausted 
  • Unhinged

You have to “roll with” everything that flies at you.  

present wrapped in brown paper with a red bow and a heart tag.

You have to keep going.   

Being a caregiver is a tough gig.

If you are looking for caregiver gift ideas to inspire, uplift, and support the caregiver in your life, trust me, they could use it.

Because thoughtful, meaningful gifts that make life easier help tremendously on the days that suck (and there are a lot of days that suck).

We’ve put together a quick list to help you find great gift ideas that will help the caregiver in your life stay strong and inspired. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive in and find the perfect gift for your superhero caregiver!

1. Hot Cherry Pillows

Hot Cherry Square Pillow in Red Denim

The job of caregiving comes with a tremendous amount of stress, aches, and pains.  These pillows are AMAZING…

They provide warm, moist, soothing heat for sore muscles, joint pain, and aching backs.  Or you can throw them in the freezer to help with swelling.  They’re made with cherry pits (so they don’t mold ever) and they’re 100% washable right in the machine. 

As a happy bonus, they smell incredible!  Like warm cherry pie.

For caregivers who don’t have the time to take care of themselves after a long day, this gift will feel like a desperately needed relaxing heat therapy

You can grab a Hot Cherry Pillow here…

2. Send a little Inspiration

Unstoppable bracelet, you're awesome pop up cards

Helping someone you love battle cancer can take you to some really dark places mentally.  Anxiety, fear, and depression will wreak havoc on your mental health.  The stress of this whole situation will eat you alive if you let it.  This thoughtful gesture is about inspiring hope and strength by reminding them that they are FIERCE!  

A bracelet to remind them every day that they are unstoppable and pop-up cards (a new one every day) with quotes that remind them how incredible they are and that they can do this.   A boost of confidence and inspirational reminders that you’ve got this is a precious gift during a battle of this magnitude.  Especially on the days that suck.  As a special bonus, this company beautifully gift boxes every purchase and includes a personalized note from you.

You can grab the send a little Inspiration gift here…

3. Resilience Mental Fitness and Wellbeing Diary

Resilience Mental Fitness and Wellbeing Diary fanned out in 5 colors.

One of our top ideas for caregiver thoughtful gifts, is this diary that helps your caregiver focus on their mental health and build strength and resilience for whatever life throws at them.  Cancer battles wreak havoc on your mental health.  The fear, the terror, the depression involved in a journey like this is beyond intense.  

One minute everything is going fine and the next the whole world is falling down around you.  It’s an insane roller coaster of feelings and emotions that you can’t get off of.  You just have to roll with it.  Having an easy activity that will help focus on your mental health will make you stronger and help you build coping skills to withstand the stress.  Mental strength is paramount so you can keep fighting for the long haul. 

You can grab the Resilience Mental Fitness and Wellbeing Diary here…

4. Audible Books

Young woman relaxing and listening to her favorite book

Audiobooks are a great option because it means you can lose yourself in someone else’s story and forget about your own for a while.  Escape is a blessing for a caregiver.  And because you can download these books right to your phone, you can “get lost” whenever you have the time. 

Long car rides, endless waiting times, cooking dinner, trying to sleep but can’t… these books will help the caregiver in your life get lost in a good in a good book and focus on someone else’s drama for a while.  It’s the little things like a much needed retreat no matter where they are! 

You can get Audible Books by clicking here…

5. Self Love Journal From Promptly Journals

The Self Love Journal

This prompted journal is the best option to help the caregiver you love take better care of themselves.  And it really helps with getting a good night’s sleep.  A HUGE challenge for caregivers is finding the time to take care of their own needs, getting some of the stress and anxiety off your chest, and working through challenges that are flying at them constantly.  

This journal includes short prompts that can be done in a matter of minutes over their morning coffee.  But the benefits of journaling for a caregiver… Let’s put it this way… Journaling is the only way I can survive being a cancer caregiver.  The stress and anxiety alone will eat you alive.  Getting some of these feelings off your chest and onto paper is priceless.  And writing in a journal right before bed means a better night’s sleep.

You can get this Self Love Journal here…

6. Weekly Planning Pages

Bound copy with a peek at the pages included in the weekly planning pages

Real talk––there’s nothing more frustrating than the feeling that you’re drowning when cancer explodes into your family. Careful planning is one of the most dire caregiver’s needs.  You’re already dealing with the stress, the emotions, the terror, and the uncertainty of the whole situation, and on top of that, you have to figure out how to handle everything else that comes with this disease.

  • Appointments
  • Treatments
  • Tests
  • Scans
  • Symptoms

The list is endless.  

The last thing caregivers need is more chaos and craziness in their life.  These weekly planning pages are built by and for caregivers.  And they focus on three things.  Where you need to be, what you need to do, and planning ahead so it all goes as smoothly as possible.

 Looking at the whole picture every week and devising a plan helps to mentally prepare for what’s coming, identifies any challenges and obstacles so they can devise a plan, and allows them to tackle the week with as little extra drama as possible.

You can grab the weekly planning pages here…

7. Send Relaxation-Beyond Flowers and Food

Thick plus robe and exfoliating sugar cubes in a gift box.

This gift of rest and relaxation must have been made for caregivers.  A luxurious plush robe that promotes comfort, relaxation, and wellbeing.  Also included are exfoliating sugar cubes that will nourish your whole body.  Imagine what a warm relaxing bath could do for tired muscles and an aching back.  Add a glass of wine and this is the ultimate hour of relaxation for a caregiver. As a special bonus, this company beautifully gift boxes every purchase and includes a personalized note from you.

You can get this healing gift here…

8. 60 Second Fix for Hands

Crab Tree and Evelyn-60 second fix for hands.

Caregivers wash their hands a lot.  The very nature of caregiving involves germs, bacteria, and body fluids.  Hey, it’s what we do.  Constant hand washing leads to dry, cracked, painful hands that not only hurt but leave open the possibility for infection.  This 60-second hand fix helps soothe and heal cracked overused hands and works to repair the damage.

You can grab 60 second fix for hands here…

9. Hello Fresh or Freshly

Hello Fresh Winner Winner Chicken Orzo Dinner

This is another gift that saves a TON of time for caregivers and gives them something incredible to look forward to.  You have to eat, every day.  So why not eat a delicious, special meal? Once you choose your meals, EVERY Ingredient you need is assembled for you and sent right to your door.  

Hello Fresh comes with a recipe card (complete with pictures) that walks you step by step through how to create the meal and it’s literally foolproof.  The best part, they’ll have an incredible gourmet meal to look forward to at the end of the day that can be made in about 30 minutes.​

We’re talking about a home-cooked meal that’s INCREDIBLE, quick, and easy. And the portion size for each person is really good.

You can learn more about Hello Fresh here…

If you want an even easier option, Freshly gourmet meals (which are amazing!) just have to be heated and served.  

You can learn more about Freshly here…

10. Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness and Activity Tracker 

Fitbit Charge Fitness Tracker

This is an easy way for caregivers to stay on track with their own health goals when they literally don’t have any time for themselves.  The Fitbit does the work for you… it tracks your steps and exercise, monitors heart rate, and tracks your sleep. 

All they have to do is download the app and put the Fitbit on.  It’s an easy way for caregivers to make strides in their own life when they don’t even have 5 extra minutes. 

Bonus:  The Fitbit displays calls and texts right on the screen.  #makinglifeeasier 

You can check out the Fitbit Charge 4 here…

11. Lounge Sets

AUTOMET Lounge Sets For Women Two Piece Outfits Loungewear Short Sleeve Crewneck Jogger Pajama Set and Sweatpants Tracksuit

Comfortable clothing sets (that feel like pajamas), but look like regular clothing.  Comfortable and pajama like are great caregiver gift ideas. These super comfortable outfits are perfect for long car rides, endless days in the doctor’s office, and the bad days when they’re not sure they can even get out of bed (but have to).

You can grab one of these super comfy lounge sets here...

12. Spa Gifts for Women

This incredible gift basket gives caregivers the ability to relax and pamper themselves in their own home, when it’s convenient for them. That makes it one of the best caregiver gift ideas on this list.  Soothing scents, bath bombs, and essential oils to soothe overworked skin, and ease sore muscles. 

It’s a great way to give them a few hours of incredible relaxation from the comfort of your own home when you actually have some time to enjoy it.  This is not just a spa kit, to a caregiver, this is a luxurious night of pampering that is long overdue.

You can grab a relaxing spa day at home here…

13. Chaos Coordinator Gifts- 20 oz Tumbler

A great gift for caregivers that couldn’t be more accurate.  Being the support squad automatically means a whole lot of chaos!

Using this as a coffee mug to keep your coffee hot while you’re scrambling out the door is a great gift idea.  And it’s even better when later on during the day it doubles as a water bottle and keeps your water nice and cold.  Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is essential for staying healthy, and a tumbler can help stay hydrated throughout their busy caregiver’s day. 

You can find the Chaos Coordinator Tumbler here…

14. Luxury Self Care Relaxation

Glossy White insulated stainless steel tumbler with a “Drink Happy Thoughts” quote, one 4.2oz Ocean Rain bath bomb, one 3.9oz Premium Chamomile bar soap, one pair of Super Soft Reading Socks, one 3.9oz Soy Wax summer flower and fruit scented candle and a card for your personalized message.

This incredible luxury spa gift gives caregivers the ability to relax and pamper themselves in their own home, when it’s convenient for them. 

Soothing scents and oils to calm overworked skin, and ease sore muscles. 

A few hours of incredible luxury relaxation from the comfort of your home, when you actually have some time to enjoy it.  This is not just a spa package… to a caregiver, this is a luxurious night of pampering that is long overdue.

You can grab a relaxing spa day at home here…

15. Caregiver Handmade Necklace Love Knot Necklace

This gorgeous handmade love knot necklace is a great reminder that you can do this and you’re appreciated on the days that suck.  And there are a lot of days that suck.

This gift comes with an inspiring quote to add some encouragement and inspiration to the mix…

You can grab this handmade necklace here…

16. Hey Dudes

These are all the craze right now… But the truth is incredible caregiver gift ideas are thoughtful, supportive and make life more comfortable. 

Hey Dude shoes do all of the above. They are SOOOOO comfortable and they’re sturdy.  

Caregivers who spend a lot of time on their feet will appreciate the comfort and support that these shoes provide.  

You can check out Hey Dude here…

17. Apple iPad Mini

An iPad is a convenient way for caregivers and their loved ones to communicate with family members, friends, or online support groups (especially if they have difficulty speaking or are hearing impaired). 

Video calls or text messaging can help everyone stay connected and provide emotional support, even when they’re not physically together.  Streaming services like Netflix can allow them to watch movies to take a break, and a subscription service like Audible can allow for some reading in the endless waiting rooms they’ll visit.  

They also provide escape and entertainment for both caregivers and their loved ones… 

  • Playing games
  • Watching movies
  • Reading

This can everyone the ability to relax and take a break.

You can check out the iPad Mini here…

19. Time Off

Give them the gift of time… Time off, time to themselves, time to do whatever they want.

One of the best gifts you can give a caregiver is time away. Offer to take over their caregiving responsibilities for a day or weekend so they can relax and recharge and spend their time doing whatever they want.

  • Spending time with their kids and husband.
  • Spending the day reading in a hammock.
  • Lying around in their pajamas watching Hallmark movies.

20. Gift Card or Gift Certificate

Giving them a gift card to their favorite store, local restaurants, or activity (like a massage, or movie theater) can allow caregivers to treat themselves and take a break from the insanity of caregiver life.  

Give them a chance to escape from the chaos for just a little while and do something fun. That’s a HUGE gift. 

21. Tote Bag with Exterior & Interior Pockets  

Tote Bag


This tote bag will be a life saver.  Finally, a bag that’s big enough and comfortable enough to carry everything you need all day long.  

With 13 interior and exterior pockets this tote bag can handle all the items caregivers usually have to carry with them… a convenient way to carry all these items in one place, making it easier for to keep everything organized and accessible.

  • Medication
  • Medical supplies
  • Snacks
  • Extra clothing

And this tote bag comes in a variety of different colors and designs (52 total!) so you can choose one that fits their personality and style.

You can check out this tote bag here…

For a caregiver who is running on empty, a gift that will make life easier can give you the energy you desperately need.  These 21 caregiver gift ideas will show them you understand how challenging and exhausting it is to care for someone you love.

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 P.S. If you have a friend, neighbor, or someone you work with who has been diagnosed with cancer and you want to do something meaningful for the family but you have no idea what to do or how to proceed… The Support Squad Care Kit: 13 Genuine Ways to Help a Family with Cancer is packed full of thoughtful and practical ways that ANYONE can do.

Because when you ask a family with cancer “do you need anything?”, they’ll almost always say no.  Why?

  • They have NO clue what they need, how you can help, or what would make this any easier for them.  
  • They’re drowning in this situation trying to manage a complicated, terrifying diagnosis and it’s hard to see anything beyond that. 

These are useful ways to help that will give the family the extra support they need without having to figure out a lot of complicated details.

You Can Grab the Support Squad Care Kit: 13 Genuine Ways to Help a Family with Cancer for Free Here….


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