Powerful Lessons You Can Fully Understand When Your Loved One Has Cancer.

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Cancer can be the most incredible teacher of some pretty powerful lessons…

 I've had to learn the hard way that these lessons can only be learned and appreciated when you’re facing a struggle of this magnitude. #fuckcancer #amazingthingsthatcomeoutofcancer #powerfullifelessons #Godsgotyourback #changingyourperspective

My dad was diagnosed with Lung Cancer over 17 months ago, and neither of us had any idea how crazy life was going to get.  What has also emerged out of all of this craziness are some really powerful lessons that will stay with my whole family forever.

Cancer changes everything.  The way you think, the way you feel and the way you deal with everything.

Powerful Lessons that I’ve learned from cancer

Time is our most precious gift.

Everyone thinks they have more time.  We cruise through life as if we have all the time in the world.  And we are surprised when suddenly we realize that we wasted that time not doing the things that truly matter.

Spending time with the people we love, having experiences that enrich our lives, building a business, home improvement… whatever you want to be doing, whatever makes you happy is what you should spend your time doing.

Keep a few things in mind…

At the end of this life, people don’t wish they spent more time working.  Or spent more time cleaning the house.

You regret things like the time you didn’t spend with your kids or time you missed out with your parents.  The things that are meaningful like walks with your daughter, or car shows with your son, or dinner with your Mom.

Tragedy can build you or break you

The absolute most powerful lesson I’ve learned is this one.

This is the most challenging situation that has ever happened in the course of my life.  There are days that I cry all day long and am an absolute wreck.  This whole situation has affected me greatly, and I am not the same person who began this journey.

That being said…

Cancer will not break me, ever.  And something is definitely building here.

No one should have to do this.  No one should have to watch someone they love go through this.  No one should have to deal with the stress or the sickness, the depression, and the anxiety that cancer brings.  And no one should have to watch someone they love suffer through this.  This hopeless feeling of knowing that there is nothing significant that you can do to help end this, absolutely sucks.

We need a cure.  We need it now.

The Lord really does have a plan for all of us

From start to finish this whole thing has been mapped out already.  We can stress and worry about all of it, but it doesn’t really matter how we feel.  The Lord has a plan for everything that’s about to happen and it’s our job to trust Him and believe in his plan.

I know!  I struggle with that part too.  The giving it up and letting Him take over. It’s hard to relinquish control of things and just stand by.  At least it is for me! But the truth is, God knows exactly what we need, and he is going to give it to us.

Never assume you have more time

Time is the one thing you can’t get back.  You can’t purchase more or manipulate your way into extra hours in a day.  You get what you get and that’s it.  We put things on the back burner and say things like “I’ll do that when I have more money”, “someday we’ll do that”, and “next time”.

We push things off because we think we have all the time in the world and then suddenly, we don’t.

No one is promised anything.  You get one shot at this life.  One chance to make it amazing.

Are you living your best life right now?

Never take things for granted

This powerful lesson are the small things that I barely even noticed before, that I really notice now.  How much I appreciate the time I have.  How much differently I think about everything.  How I’ve slowly stopped doing the things that are not important to me.  How much more frequently I tell people what they mean to me.

 It’s crazy how much this whole situation can affect you. 

I’ve had so much extra time with my dad and we’ve had experiences that we have put off for years because we thought we had time.  Cancer changes you think and feel about things and as a result, you do things now.

A new appreciation for everything

Nothing can make you appreciate the good things you have in your life like the threat of cancer.  It’s like a natural response.  I think that’s why they say you can’t appreciate the good things without the bad things.  When cancer explodes into your world, things get pretty hectic, but they also become crystal clear.

If you’ve had a hard time prioritizing your life like I did, cancer will change all of that.  It has a way of making you realize the things that are truly important.  And it becomes simple to figure out what’s important and dump everything that you’ve been wasting time on…

To be more organized

The truth is I’ve always been a bit of a mess and I’m kind of all over the place.  I’ve managed, for sure, but not efficiently.  Now, my life is hectic.  Really hectic.  And I don’t have enough time to keep up with everything.  So, I had to become more organized to survive.

Figuring out how to manage all of this is really challenging, but once you start to get everything under control and figure out the systems to help you stay organized, your whole life will be better for it.

I’m not perfect… don’t get me wrong, but I am much better than I used to be.

To be more efficient.

Again, I am still a work in progress, but I had to figure out how to get everything done in the amount of time I have to make this work.

My responsibilities have become more (way more) and my time has become less.  The only way I could get it all done is to figure out how to use my time more efficiently and to identify the things that NEED to be done and let everything else go.

Research productivity and time management strategies.  You can do it in the waiting room.  Those small changes, make a big difference!

When cancer explodes into the life of someone you love, everything changes.  The way you think and the way you feel about everything is totally affected by the powerful lessons that cancer teaches you.

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 I've had to learn the hard way that these lessons can only be learned and appreciated when you’re facing a struggle of this magnitude. #fuckcancer #amazingthingsthatcomeoutofcancer #powerfullifelessons #Godsgotyourback #changingyourperspective

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