7 Strategies to Help You ROCK Working From Home.

Ready to start working from home?  These strategies to help you get organized are essential to success!

7 Strategies to Help You ROCK Working From Home. This is exactly what I was looking for, now that I am working from my house, it’s easy to get distracted by everything. This list covered every issue I’ve been having and now I am able to get a lot more done.

So, you’ve considered any potential concerns regarding working from home and you’re ready to take the leap!  I don’t blame you.  Working from home is incredible and it makes helping your loved one battle cancer so much easier than working a traditional 9-5 job.

Once you’ve decided to take the plunge, you’ll need the best strategies to help you knock this out of the park.  I’ve been working from home for the last 2 and 1/2 years and for the past 17 months, I’ve also been helping my dad battle cancer.

What are the strategies to help you rock your work from home gig?

Have your own space.

With a door that closes!

Seriously, you need a space that is yours and that is not in the middle of a public area.  Everyone, including me, has attempted to work in the middle of the living room, amid the kids, the distractions and the dog barking every time there is a noise outside.

You need a space that is set up in a way that makes it easy for you to get started and so that you can always find what you need.  Just like a “regular” office, you need to have your stuff ready and available to start working and organized enough to be able to find the things you need.

Have your space set up in a way that makes sense for the jobs you are doing.  For example, if you are a virtual assistant with multiple clients.  You’ll need a system to keep everything straight, so you don’t miss anything.

Finally, make sure you have a comfortable chair, you’re going to spend a lot of time in it.

Invest in good internet (and have a backup plan for when it goes down).

Good internet is the KEY to working at home.  You must have solid and reliable internet.  If,  for example, you live in an area that has a rough internet connection.  You will need to make other arrangements.

For example, I live on top of a mountain.  I actually have two internet services because when one connection goes down, I can switch to the other connection and keep working.

If you live in an area where internet service is problematic, or you live in a house with 3 teenagers and 50 devices… you’re going to need to account for that and make sure your internet is capable of handling everything.  Upgrade if you’re not sure because a reliable internet is necessary to work from home.

Set a work schedule

Some virtual jobs have required working hours that you have to commit to and other jobs will have flexible hours that allow you to make your own schedule.

Setting up a working schedule you consistently follow as much as possible will help you manage everything

Flexible hours are incredibly helpful if you’re helping a loved one battle cancer.  A flexible schedule allows you to attend doctor appointments, treatment appointments, follow-ups and respond to potential emergencies because you can do your job during the times that work for you.

On the days you’re not running around, try to work the scheduled time you set up. These are the days you will be the most productive and with a solid plan, you’ll be able to get the most done.

Do as much as you can as early as possible

If I get a project on Monday and it’s due on Friday, the me before cancer would do the project on Thursday.  Now I do it on Monday and get it off my back as soon as possible.

Why?  When things get hectic and they do, frequently…I need to be ahead of the game.  Crazy days and late, last minute appointments with a two-hour ride home are totally common for my life now.  And once I am done running all over and I am totally exhausted, I still need to work.

If I can get a jump start on as much as possible… it makes the days when everything is nuts and I don’t have a lot of time so much easier.  Then I can focus on the everyday tasks that have to get done.

PS:  If you work for a place that rewards your exceptional productivity with additional work, keep the project and turn it in on the due date.

Start each workday with a plan

Knowing as much as possible ahead of time and completing your work as soon as you get it (or as soon as you can) helps tremendously on the days when things get crazy.

When you start work for the day, take a few minutes to figure out a game plan and everything you need to get done.  Then figure out what tasks you can do if you have extra time…

Have a system that involves a complete running list with due dates, so you know what you need to get done and nothing gets missed.

Schedule in some exercise in the morning

Working from home, you spend a lot of time sitting.  I remember when I worked in an office, I did a lot more walking around than I do now.  I feel like I am always sitting and because my entire job is on-line, I spend hours in a chair.  It’s horrible.  And as the day goes on and you get wrapped into one project or another it’s hard to find time to exercise.

Start by moving first thing in the morning.  A brisk walk, a few yoga poses, or a quick workout.  Zova is an app that can help you with this.  Zova has an array of quick exercise routines ranging from 9 to 11 minutes so you can follow along and get a quick workout.

Be prepared to sweat your butt off while you focus on core, flexibility, strength, cardio…

Get moving before you start working for the day…your body will thank you!

You can check out Zova here…

Focus on productivity

The last of the Strategies to Help you rock this is becoming more proficient.  I cannot stress how much productivity and time management have helped me throughout this whole journey.  Anything that helps you manage your time better or helps you prioritize what actually needs to be done is going to help you tremendously while you’re helping your loved one battle cancer.

So, while I am still not the most efficient person ever… and I frequently have to be able to drop what I am doing and run… the time management stuff has helped me manage a completely overwhelming situation and make sure that I do as much as I can ahead of time.

Particularly if you have your own business, the more efficient you are at getting things done, the more time you get to do the things you love.  Increasing your productivity will change everything!

There are tons of productivity trainings and advice out there, but you want to incorporate systems that actually work for you.  I have had the most success with the 12-week year and James Clear who I just found recently but whom I LOVE.

Working from home is AMAZING and it makes helping your loved one battle cancer much easier.  There are some things to consider before jumping in, but with some strategies to help achieve success, working from home is an absolute game changer.

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