Why You Need a Home Security System (When the Cancer Bomb Drops In.)

The best home security system to protect your house and your family. With camera’s that records videos and 24 hour monitoring, locks, alarms and sensors that protect against your safety and keeps the people in your life feeling secure. This electronic system with smart technology has a simple design that is easy to use… and the app can be installed on your phone so you can lock the door while you’re out walking the dogs. If someone you love has cancer or another chronic illness, part of staying healthy is feeling safe. People who are going through this kind of life experience need tips, ideas, and products that can help them get through this as easy as possible. #cancersucks #homesecuritysystem

When my dad was diagnosed with Lung Cancer, there were the usual terrifying concerns… Like treatment, sickness, side effects and death.

Then as we progressed through our journey and our life was bombarded by significant changes day after day, we found a few more profound (and of course terrifying) concerns that now needed to be considered.

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We Should Have Considered A Home Security System Earlier

My dad who was a police officer and easily the strongest man I’ve ever known was becoming weaker and more exhausted every day.  And to make matters worse, he lost his hearing (completely deaf) and became totally blind in one eye because of a rare syndrome (that practically no one gets) associated with his cancer.

So now, we had a whole new terrifying situation to figure out.

He can’t see or hear people…

  • Coming up behind him
  • Entering the house
  • Opening the car door
  • Yelling for help

We bobbled along as best we could, putting things into place that we hoped would help.

  • Someone stayed with him.
  • We installed a doorbell that lights up
  • We got a bed shaker to alert him of a fire while he was sleeping.

But how could we adjust to this new way of life and keep everyone safe and protected too?

Cancer Can Make You Feel Incredibly Vulnerable

The truth is anyone who is going through cancer or helping someone they love battle cancer, finds themselves in a completely foreign and vulnerable state during the battle.

It seems like that’s the mission of cancer, to knock one down as far as they can go and hold you hostage for as long as it can manage.

You know that saying… I wish I would have known then what I know now.

Fast forward to when my dad passed away, 21 months after starting our battle.  It was a pretty significant change for all of us.  But it was my mom’s life that was turned completely upside down.

Suddenly she was living alone after 43 years of being married.

And, like anyone else in that situation, now she finds herself in a position…

  • Where no one is there to realize if she doesn’t come home.
  • Unsure of how she would handle a fire, or a break in.
  • Uneasy about walking into an empty house at night.

Not to mention she is an older woman, with some mobility issues living by herself in a densely populated area of upstate New York.

Even though I call her (no joke) at least 5 times a day and if she doesn’t answer, I send a neighbor or two…

We needed something that would make her feel totally safe and secure about her “new normal.”

And we found it.

The Ultimate Home Security System


Vivint is a home security system (with an alarm) that is absolutely incredible and covers every concern we had.

It all starts with a mounted wall panel that serves as the central “hub” of the system.

They have an array of sensors and alert systems that let you know about dangers like water, fire, smoke, carbon monoxide and of course people trying to break in. Everything is connected to a home base that can get help from the police, the Fire Department, and an ambulance by just pushing a button.

You can also talk to a live person 24/7 through this system, who can ensure you are okay and “stay with you” until help arrives.

You can find out more about Vivint here…

The Equipment

And that’s just the beginning.

There are sensors that alert you when windows and doors are open, and an extremely loud main door alarm that goes off when the door is opened (with the alarm activated).  You could NEVER sleep through that alarm.

They have outdoor camera’s that can be placed to monitor the grounds, garages, etc.

The doorbell camera (we have 2) records everything.  And, the camera is active all the time.

Right now, on the app, I can see a live video of my mom’s front yard (I can see the entire front of her property from the front door and the entire back of her property from the back door).

And I live an hour away.

Peace of Mind

It tapes and saves any movement.

If you approach the area (even if you don’t push the doorbell) it alerts everyone that you have connected to the system as an emergency contact ( for my mom that would be 4 people) .  We ALL get alerts,  and we can all watch whoever has approached on the live camera.

My mom can see who is at the door, before she opens it, which is a pretty powerful additional protection.  And if she wants to, she can talk to them through the microphone in the system.

I can also talk to whoever is at the door.  From my house in upstate New York or from vacation in North Carolina, I can talk to the neighbor going in to check the cats, the UPS guy dropping off packages or my uncle dropping by to say hi.

People are always a little shocked when you talk to them through the doorbell, and no one realizes that they are on camera until its already happening, but this I can tell you.  I am not concerned at all about people feeling awkward or violated by the camera.

My mom feeling safe is my top concern.

And she does now.  Truly.  Because this home security system has got her covered.

You can check out Vivint here…

Feeling Safe

And we also use this system to increase her feelings of safety.

When she comes into the house after dark… 

She calls me from the car, and I can watch her on the camera walk into the house.  Then she can lock the door and turn the alarm back on.

If she wants to get the mail and is worried about ice and snow…

I can watch her walk to the mailbox and back to make sure she doesn’t slip.  And she can hear me through the microphone, even across the road.

Cost and Installation

They do everything.  They spent over 2 hours securing the house, setting up the system and making sure we know how to use it.  And they did all of that at no extra cost.

The equipment is not cheap, but it’s also not unreasonable.  And they help you out by letting you add the equipment costs into your monthly payments (which are not bad at all).  It’s definitely worth the phone call to see if the price will work for you.

The peace of mind we have all gained from this home security system makes this a no-brainer. 

If you’re a burglar and you’re reading this, find a new profession.

This is the wave of the future and people are no longer stuck feeling nervous and vulnerable.  There is a whole new and safer world out there when it comes to personal and home security.

And Vivint is the best one I have seen so far.

You can check out Vivint here…

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