The Easy Caregiver Planner That’ll Give You Back Your Sanity.

This caregiver planner focuses on the only 3 things that matter when dealing with a complex cancer schedule.

When my dad was diagnosed with Lung Cancer, I already had a crazy busy life.  I was working full time, raising kids, taking care of a house, a dog, and my husband… 

Within a few weeks, my entire life was flipped upside down.

I had a ridiculous time trying to fit everything into an already packed schedule

And I had an even harder time trying to figure out what was important and what could be skipped because EVERYTHING felt catastrophic.

Do you ever wonder if it really has to be this hard? 

Me too. (Hint:  it doesn’t).

If you’re drowning in the chaos of a cancer situation, trying to stay afloat and manage everything…  

You need a life saver to keep you above water.  

But the trick is… it has to be simple.  You have NO TIME for complicated.

How Can You Keep Everything On Track?

Whether you’re a caregiver, a family struggling through cancer, or even if you have cancer yourself, one thing is for sure…

Figuring out how to keep track of everything during a cancer situation is really intense. 

Your schedule is jam packed with appointments, treatment, and scans… and more are being scheduled every second.

You’re running all over the place, struggling to remember where you need to be, who you need to see, and what you need to bring with you.  

What I desperately needed was a simple approach that would make it crystal clear… 

  • what I needed to do. 
  • where I needed to be. 
  • how I could make the days as easy as possible.

And then I found this.

The Weekly Planning Pages are the easiest way to get the insanity of a cancer schedule under control.  

 And they’re simple.  Like crockpot vs. cooking simple.

These caregiver planner pages are essential for… 

  • Simplifying your schedule.
  • Looking at the big picture.
  • Planning Ahead.
  • Figuring out what you actually need to get done.
  • Deciding what you can skip.
They’re a foolproof yet flexible system so you know in advance…
  • Where you need to be
  • What you need to do
  • How you can head off as much of the insanity as possible

 The Weekly Planning Pages will keep you on track.  Get them here…


What if we could show you a quick and easy way to organize important medical information so you can actually find what you’re looking for?

No hassle, no stress, and a quick and easy setup that takes minutes to maintain.  The best part… It’s 100% Free.

You can get the Cancer Binder Pack here…

Cancer’s Not the Only Thing You Have Going On

Cancer is NOT the only priority in your life.

Life doesn’t stop when cancer explodes into your family, things just get much more complicated.  Cancer doesn’t care if your husband has a clean shirt, or if you have the time or the energy to make dinner after a long day.

In my first few months as a caregiver,  I was a mess trying (and failing) to manage all of this.   The schedule alone was insane.  

I was running in 6 different directions, always rushing, and always missing things. 

You know that feeling of sheer panic that you get when you’re rushing?  You know you’re not going to make it on time, but as you’re speeding to wherever you swear to yourself that you’ll do better if you can just get there this one time.

Your heart is racing, your breathing is hitched and the anxiety is enough to send you over the edge…  

And then once you get there,  you’re praying that you have everything they need, which usually you don’t.  

I know all about that.  That was my life every single day before this system.

Setting up a plan each week is the ONLY way I’ve been able to manage all of the chaos that comes with being a cancer caregiver. 

This caregiver planner will help you get your sh*t together so you can take care of the important stuff.  

And as a bonus, it will save you a ton of time.

Because it helps you slow down and plan ahead, rather than reacting to every little thing.

  • What time do I need to leave (to get there on time)?  
  • What do I need to bring with me?  
  • And how can I make each day go as smoothly as possible?

Once I found a plan that let me lay out my entire week so I could see everything in one shot, I knew exactly where I needed to be,  what I needed to do, and how I could make small adjustments to plan ahead for hectic days…

I never looked back. 

This caregiver planner is the easiest way to manage an insane schedule.  And having a system to keep everything straight is life-changing. 

You can learn more about the Weekly Planning Pages here…

Here’s What Usually Happens…

Families with cancer are struggling with these intense schedules.  It’s like a new kind of “rat race” and you can’t get off the wheel.  

So you react and run yourself ragged trying to keep up with EVERYTHING.  With no actual plan. You just wing it and do the best you can.  

I know, because that’s exactly what we did at first.  It’s not just you, EVERYONE responds to a crisis like that.  It makes perfect sense. 

The thing is, cancer is not a sprint.  Cancer is a marathon.  

There’s a better way to manage the INSANE schedule that comes with cancer and an easier way to get organized when things are constantly changing.  

It boils down to a simplified planning system that allows you to…
  • Identify your priorities (which is HARD, especially when EVERYTHING feels like an emergency). 
  • Head off as much craziness as possible by planning ahead.
  • Simplifying everything you can.

You can learn more about the caregiver planner that does all that here…

Want More Control of This Situation?  This will do it.

Splayed image of the diffrent pages in the caregiver planner
All the pages you need to manage a cancer schedule…

Have you ever watched someone literally driving themselves crazy trying to control all of the chaos around them?  

  • “We can’t go to the party tonight.  We have an appointment at 2 and you’ll be too tired, it’s too much for you… we’ll have to make the next one.”
  • “What are you eating?  You know you’re not supposed to have that much sugar…”
  • “Where are you going?  You don’t need to do that right now, just sit down and rest.”

One way people deal with the stress is to jump in with both feet to stay on top of everything.  Next thing you know, you’re driving yourself and everyone else insane trying to “control” the situation.

It’s human nature.  We’re all guilty of this.  

We try to “get control of this situation” so we can get ahead, get organized, and have a plan for every possible scenario that could get thrown our way.

I’m gonna tell you a secret.  This can’t be controlled.  

  • You can stay on top of things.
  • Find better ways to manage things. 
  • You can develop a plan of attack.

But you absolutely can’t control the insanity that comes with this disease.

Cancer is uncertain.  You’re living on an emotional roller coaster with twists and turns around every bend.  

You HAVE MORE CONTROL of this situation when you establish a system that will help you get things organized.  

And you have more control of this situation when you know where you need to be, what you need to do, and how to head off as much of the craziness as possible. 

The Weekly Planning Pages empower you to take control of an insane schedule so you have one piece of this battle actually working.  

Trust me, that’s a big freaking deal.

You can grab the Weekly Planning Pages here…

Why Does This Matter?

Cancer is incredibly overwhelming.  Trying to manage an endless to-do list, where literally everything feels like a priority is a lot of pressure.  

This caregiver planner is an easier way to manage your schedule. 

In a few minutes, you could have a solid plan for how to tackle the week ahead.  

And then to take it a step further, you would have an easy way to prioritize your tasks so you can figure out what’s important and what you can skip.  

It’s the best caregiver planner to simplify a stressful, busy schedule down to the easiest possible format.  So you know what’s happening as you go into the week. 

You can get the Weekly Planning Pages here…

Let’s Start With Next Week.

If you have a caregiver planner that you use consistently, grab it.  If not, you can grab our caregiver planner here…

Grab the Monthly Calendar Pages.

Monthly planning pages quick snapshot of the month

You may have been compiling this page right along, but if you haven’t… take a few minutes to track down anything already scheduled this month and write it down here.  Going forward, this will be much easier.

The monthly calendar pages are a quick look at everything major you’ve got going on for the month.  Appointments, overnight stays, scheduled treatments, scans… 

Your whole month is quickly visible at a glance making it easier to break down week by week onto the weekly pages.  

You can get the Weekly Planning Pages here…

For the insane days when you have way too much to do.

Get Your Sh*t Together with the Weekly Pages.

Weel;y Planning pages with weeks events all mapped out
The weekly pages are the ONLY way I’m able to get through the crazy hectic weeks.

The most important part of weekly planning is the weekly schedule.  

There are only 3 things that matter for your weekly plan.  

  1. Where do you need to be?
  2. What do you need to do?
  3. And how can you make it all go as smoothly as possible?


  • Appointments
  • Pharmacy runs
  • Scans
  • Treatment
  • Bloodwork
  • Picking up kids
  • Grocery shopping
  • Soccer games
  • School concerts
  • Kids home from school 
  • Work schedule
  • Scheduled overtime
  • Errands (haircuts, oil changes, books from the library)
  • Defrosting meat for dinner

Once you have a list of what’s going on this week, break it all down by day on the weekly schedule … (Pro tip: Use a pencil or a Frixon pen so you don’t make a mess when things change.  Things are ALWAYS changing).

You can grab the Weekly Planning Pages here…

Do You Even Need The Daily Pages?

Daily planner pages with daily schedule laid out
When you know today is going to be insane, start by breaking it down task by task.

If you need the details that a daily page gives you, so you can get a clear breakdown of every aspect of your day… You can use that to break your week down even further.

Heads up though, I only use these pages for extremely hectic days that I can’t simplify (which is rare).  I find it’s easier for me to work from the weekly pages. 

You can learn more about the Weekly Planning Pages here…

Head Off As Much Craziness as Possible.

These are the supporting details for the week and how you can simplify and manage them.  

Things like…

  • What time do I need to leave?
  • How can I stack tasks and make fewer trips?
  • How I can run the week as efficiently as possible?  

By tackling this stuff now, you’ll have a plan for dinner on the night you don’t get home until 8 pm.  And you’ll have a plan to tackle, dishes, laundry, groceries, etc.

By preparing ahead to make sure everything gets covered you create a FLEXIBlE plan to make sure the week goes as smoothly as possible.

As an exciting bonus, this system AUTOMATICALLY creates extra time to do whatever you want (and saves you money). 

When you’re overwhelmed and exhausted, you forget things.  Like when you get home and realize you forgot to pick up toilet paper.  Now you either have to drive back to the store or pay double the price at the gas station for a few rolls to hold you over.

That stuff adds up.  And it slowly sucks up your time (and your money).

By looking at the week as a whole, I can make a flexible plan for all those little things (that turn out to be big issues when they’re forgotten)…

Pull the meat out of the freezer, pick up cash for the City, change the oil on the car before the 200-mile drive on Friday…

Because If you don’t have a plan to tackle those little details, then you’re wasting a lot of time and money.

You can get the Weekly Planning Pages here…

This is how I work out all of the supporting details of the week…  

Real Schedule From Our Cancer Journey

Here’s exactly how I lay out my week in my caregiver planner.  And more importantly a step-by-step walkthrough of how I head off as much craziness as possible.

Note:  In order for this to work, I need to be able to see the whole week laid out in one shot.  Only then can I work out a solid plan to make sure everything gets covered and I can head off as much craziness as possible.


 I’m taking the day off.  Nothing is scheduled for today.

How I’ll head off as much craziness as possible:  
  • Since we have to leave at 7:00 am tomorrow to get to our appointments on time, I’ll stay at my parent’s tonight so I can avoid rushing around in the morning.  This will also give my parents an extra set of hands and some additional time to get everything done in case we need it ( we usually do).   
  • On the way to their house, I can grab cash from the ATM, so I have it for the City in case I need it.  


Leave at 7:00 am which gives us 3 hours for a 2-hour commute.  We receive treatment at Sloan Kettering, so appointments are scattered all over the City.  It helps to know where we need to go… (Main Hospital, 53rd Street, 66th Street) so we can get there on time and I can plan for transportation if we need it (they have a free shuttle).

Since we’re staying overnight for these appointments, we stay at the Helmsley Medical Tower 2 blocks up from Sloan’s main hospital.  They are located right smack in the middle of Memorial Sloan Kettering, Hospital for Special Surgery, Weill Cornell and NY Presbyterian.

Note:  I mark things like the kid’s games because they have so many and this way I can plan ahead for which ones I can make.  It makes me feel less pressured to attend everything if I already have a plan for which ones I can go to.  But I can also shoot them a text so they know how proud I am of them, and hear the highlights afterwards. 

How I’ll head off as much craziness as possible: 
  • We’ll drive to 53rd street and park at the Bristol garage which is CHEAP compared to the other parking garages.  When we leave we can drive right into the parking garage at the Helmsley Medical Tower (where we’re staying tonight because it’s 2 blocks from the main hospital) and we can easily walk or (use the shuttle if we needed to) for our remaining appointments.
  • We’ll use dad’s wheelchair (which we just leave in the car so we always have it) for the two-block walk to our last appointment.  
  • I plan easy meals for Shannon (my husband) and the kids, and I make sure everything they need is in the house.  If I don’t do that, I’ll come back to a $100 take-out order, and depending on how long I’m down here… that can get pretty expensive.


One appointment 2 blocks away and we’re headed home.  

By the time we leave traffic should be pretty mellow, so we should cruise right through.  I’ve already ordered Grocery Pick Up and chosen a time slot so I can grab this on the way home, rather than driving back to the store when I don’t need to.

Pro-tip: I stack things whenever possible.  Appointments, errands, grocery pickup, pharmacy runs.  While it may seem like it’ll be hard for my dad to spend all day at the doctor’s, it’s even harder for him to go back and forth 2 hours each way multiple days (which we’ve also done and it sucks either way).

When I get home, I unload the groceries and work a few hours until the kids and Shannon get home.  I do a load of dishes after dinner

We make things as easy as possible by planning ahead.  


 I need to get as much work done as possible, today.  I’ll work for as long as I can today, probably into the night. 

While I’m working, I’ll run laundry during breaks, and once it’s done I’ll load it into baskets.  If I have enough time tonight I’ll fold it while watching something I love on my iPhone, but if I don’t have time I’ll fold it tomorrow.  Either way, it’s clean so everyone will have clothes.  


First up, I toss the chicken in the crockpot and throw together a salad for dinner.  Now dinner is practically done and I don’t need to worry about it. I’ll work through the morning and then grab Sophia after practice, to take her to the dentist. 

Then I’ll stop at the pharmacy and grab any meds that are filled for my parents.  I drop them off, with a few other things my mom needs, and check-in.  When we get home, I toss some tater tots in the Ninja Foodie, and in less than 10 minutes dinner is done.  


 P.T. this morning for dad.  They come right to the house, so I head down in the morning to give them a hand.  His mobility has changed tremendously since the Paraneoplastic Syndrome, so it helps to have extra hands.  And you really can’t have enough cheerleaders. 

After P.T.  It takes me over an hour to pour all his meds.  There are a lot of meds. And things are constantly changing.  

He’s exhausted after P.T. so we take it easy for the afternoon.  Mom is able to get out of the house for a bit and run some errands while I hang with dad.  If he’s up to it tomorrow, he’d like to come to the kid’s tournament, so we’ll decide in the morning how he’s feeling.

I head home that afternoon and grab Sophia from school.   

When we get home, I split English Muffins in half, add sauce and mozzarella on top of each half with a sprinkle of Italian spices.  Then I toss as many as I can into the Ninja Foodie set on air fryer and dinner is ready in 5-10 minutes.


 Dad’s feeling pretty good this morning, so he’d like to come to the game. I live in the mountains and my dad loves the mountains!  Plus the games are outside in September and the fall colors are starting to pop. 

Shannon takes the kids to the game. 

 I head down to get my parents.  We check our snack supply and make sure we have enough drinks, extra meds, and supplies (like the wheelchair, sweatshirts, throw blankets, etc.) and I load the bags and the chairs in the car.  Next, we get everyone in and we head out.  

We get to the game and get the chairs set up.  We’re a bit late, so the games already started but we’re here.  We made it.  We settle in and watch the action on the field.  

Two hours or so later, my dad is pretty cold and uncomfortable, despite the sweatshirts and the blanket, so we head out.  

He’s smiling on the way down the mountain, looking at the leaves and we grab a sandwich, a pickle, and chips at his favorite deli on the way home.  Today’s been a good day.

Here’s the thing, days like this… mountain views, and watching your grandkids play soccer is the stuff that makes all of the crap you’re going through worth it.  I mean, what’s the point of fighting like hell if you have to give up the good stuff?

After I get my parent’s settled at home I head back to my house and decide to get planning day out of the way.  Then I can spend the rest of the day doing whatever I want ( which honestly will be taking a bath and watching a movie).

Planning Day 

Planning day for me is always Saturday, but you can do it any day of the week.  It gives me a chance to look at the schedule as a whole so I know where I need to be and I can plan out the supporting details for the week in my caregiver planner.  

  • I plan quick 15 minute meals for the week.
  • Order groceries for the week.
  • Figure out where I can stack grocery pickup, prescription runs, and any other errands with what I already have going on.
  • Plan for the kid’s games this week and if I can make it to any.

I plan out days I’m going to be gone all day, kid pickup, appointments, work times, when to pull the meat out of the freezer, what needs to be done when I’m home… all of it gets figured out on Saturday.

Stack things whenever possible.  

Appointments, errands, grocery pickup, pharmacy runs.  I stack everything that I can.  This way I’m not making extra trips to the grocery store when I can easily do it while I’m already out running around.  This one simple trick saves me a lot of extra time and a lot of extra stress.

Use the Bill Pay Checklist

Bill pay checklist
Mark your bills off as they get paid.

This page is a LIFE SAVER.  

When our cancer journey started, it never occurred to me how drastically everything would change.

Things that you naturally do all the time get missed and you won’t even realize it.

While we were running around trying to make sure everything was set to start treatment…

Every bill that I owed was either late or completely forgotten.  My husband and I spent the next month trying to catch up and figure out what was paid/not paid so we could get back on track.

  • Just mark the boxes as you pay your bills for the month, so you always know where you’re at and you can adjust as you need to.

You can find this page and more in the Weekly Planning Pages…

Set a Planning Day

 For me, this is always Saturday, but you can do it any day of the week.  

It gives me a chance to look at the schedule as a whole so I know where I need to be and I can plan out all of the supporting details so each day can go as smoothly as possible.  As a bonus,  I can do everything from the couch in my pajamas.

I look at anything that might come up, so that I can plan ahead as much as possible.  

And it takes me less than an hour…

  • I plan my meals
  • Order groceries online
  • Figure out when I’m going to pick up my groceries
  • Plan for kid’s games and practices for the week (to make sure they have clean uniforms and water/ Gatorade for every game/practice)
  • Plan for days I’m gone all day
  • Arrange any kid pickup
  • Run GPS to any new appointments so I can plan routes and times
  • Pull the meat out of the freezer for dinner the next day

By planning this stuff out ahead of time, I’m literally solving problems before they become a problem.  It makes the week go so much smoother and it’s the only system that has allowed me to manage all of the insanity that comes with a cancer schedule!

Plan Your Meals

Choose super quick, 15-minute meals.

Plan your meals ahead of time.  This will not only save you a TON of time, but it will also save you money.

This way you know what you’re making when you’re making it, and if you do it right, you’ll have all of the ingredients in the house and be ready to roll.

Because you have planned in advance (which you can do from the couch in your pajamas), you have a strategy of meals for the week that your family will eat (and like!) ready to go.

When things get hectic, you’re already ahead of the game.

  • Quickly jot down your meal plan for each day on the bottom of the weekly planning page (Note- I only plan dinner).
  •  Stick with 15- 30 minute meals and schedule one for every night.  (If you need quick and easy meal ideas you can find them here and here… )

Add Your Work Schedule

Depending on your situation and the position your loved one is in, you may need to make some changes at work. (Hint:  If you live in the US, FMLA will protect your job for several weeks if you’re a caregiver, you can read more about that here…

  • Have your hours or days at work changed?
  • What hours will you be working?
  • Are there days you’ll need to take off?
  • Are you scheduled for extra or different hours?
  • Have you reduced to a lighter schedule because of this situation?

If you need some ideas to supplement your income FROM HOME this is the best list I’ve found.

Stack Your Errands

Cancer comes with an insane amount of running around.  There is literally always something happening.  So it is extremely important to me to be able to combine all of the trips as efficiently as possible, rather than, running out all the time in response to something you’re missing.

I plan meals for the week so I know what I’m making and I have everything I need in the house.  I use Rosemarie Groner’s stockroom system to ensure that I’m not out of things constantly and running back and forth to the store.    

Who are The Weekly Planning Pages for? 

Mother with cancer talking to her daughter.
If you or someone you love have cancer, this planner is for you.

The Weekly Planning Pages are for anyone who is trying to manage the intensity of a cancer schedule. 

When you find yourself running all over the place trying to keep up with doctor’s appointments, scans, treatment, etc.  It’s intense.   Add all that to your regular hectic life (dishes, laundry, dinner, kids, husband, work) and it feels like you’re already 10 steps behind when you wake up.

That’s what this caregiver planner was designed for.

The weekly planning pages give you a quick snapshot of everything you have going on this week with an easy to use outline.  

This is the place to keep track of where you need to be and the things you need to remember so you don’t miss anything important during the most stressful time of your life.  

NOTE:  This is not one more complicated thing to add to your to-do list, these pages are SIMPLE.  And so is our system. You can do the whole thing in <20 minutes.  

You can learn more about the weekly planning pages here..

 Why Do I Need This?

I know how stressful cancer is when it drops into your family.  The absolute last thing you need is another complicated planner that you have to figure out.  This caregiver planner will make your life easier.  And with the discounted price we made it as simple as possible to get it.  

You might be worried that The Weekly Planning Pages are going to be just one more tricky thing you have to do.  

Deep down, though, there’s probably the fear that you can’t do this, the fear that this situation is completely out of control and nothing will bring it back.  #beenthere 

But here’s the thing—The Weekly Planning Pages have the potential to change your week, AND HELP YOU GAIN CONTROL OF SOME OF THE CRAZINESS THAT CANCER HAS DROPPED INTO YOUR LIFE.  

The Weekly Planning Pages focus on SIMPLE.   Having a plan ahead of time, helps me prepare for the insanity that has become my life. And planning ahead for as much as possible makes the crazy days feel much less intense.

What’s the Investment?

I wanted to make sure it was affordable enough for anyone who is struggling with this. That’s why The Weekly Planning Pages will be offered at a very special rate of just $7 for the next few days. 

When you put that into context, it’s pretty amazing to consider that’s less than you would pay for a value meal at Mcdonald’s, and yet The Weekly Planning Pages have the power to change your sanity.   

You can learn more about The Weekly Planning Pages here…

Buy it once and you have it for life (including all updates) so you’ll never need to purchase another planner.

Because it’s a digital download, it will need to be printed.  Printing the planner from home is the absolute cheapest way to print, however, we’ve included online printing instructions so you’ll end up with a beautiful physical planner sent to your house (mine was less than $13 including shipping).  This is the absolute cheapest way to print this online.  

You can grab The Weekly Planning Pages here…

What if by the end of next week, you had finally mastered a simplified system that’s easy to follow so you know exactly where you need to be and everything that can’t be missed? 

How would your life be different? (Hint:  You would have more control of this uncontrollable situation).  

Seize the opportunity to transform your week, starting today. With a 100% money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose (but a whole lot to gain). 

With a simplified system you’ll feel like you’re ROCKING this, (instead of like you’re drowning in it!).

You can learn more about The Weekly Planning Pages here…

Are The Weekly Planning Pages Right For Me? 

The short answer? If you’re trying to simplify the chaotic schedule that comes with a cancer diagnosis, then YES. 

The longer answer is this: The Weekly Planning Pages are for anyone who has cancer, is a caregiver to someone with cancer, or is part of a cancer family and needs to have a flexible plan to get through this.

They’re for anyone who has been struggling with where you need to be, what you need to do, and how you can head off as much of the insanity as possible.

The Weekly Planning Pages are designed to take the guesswork out of the week. 

And so, whether you’re a cancer family or a caregiver, or even someone who has cancer, The Weekly Planning Pages will provide the detailed instruction, support, and resources to help you simplify the week.

Can You Tell Me About the Bonus Material?

Simplified Planning System: How do you figure out your priorities when everything seems like an emergency?  This!  It’s the quickest and easiest way to evaluate your tasks.  So you can figure out what you need to focus on and what you can skip.

Step-by-Step Online Printing Instructions:  Complete with screenshots to walk you through the process for the cheapest place printing we’ve found online to get your planner printed, bound, and shipped (mine was $13 for everything). 

You can grab the Weekly Planning Pages here…

 What’s Included? 

If you follow our online printing instructions you’ll get a physical bound planner like this one.

You get an undated (so you can start anytime), high quality yearly printable planner that you can use year after year with nothing more to purchase.

We’ve designed The Weekly Planning Pages so you can grab what you need and ignore what you don’t.

In order to send you everything you could possibly need for The Weekly Planning Pages, you will receive 5 download links when you purchase.

 Here’s what’s included…

The Weekly Planning Pages WITHOUT Daily Planning Sheets 

Unless you can’t live without the Daily Planning Sheets, why print them? This PDF includes our system for Finding Your Priorities, Bill Tracking, 12-Monthly Calendars, and 52- Weekly Planning pages. The pages are undated so you can start any time and they are already organized and ready to print per our instruction page.

The Weekly Planning Pages Printing Instructions

This section includes the instructions for printing the pages online in the best and cheapest way possible. If you follow our instructions, you’ll end up with a physically bound beautiful planner that’s totally affordable (mine was less than $13 INCLUDING shipping).

Daily Planning Pages

If you don’t normally use The Daily Planning Pages every day, we’ve included them separately. This way you can print a few out and just use them on those hectic days when you need an hourly breakdown.

The Weekly Planning Pages WITH Daily Planning Sheets 

If daily planning pages are a deal-breaker for you, we’ve included them in this copy with 5 Daily Planning Pages per week laid out for you and ready to print.

This PDF includes our system for Finding Your Priorities, Bill Tracking, 12-Monthly Calendars, 52- Weekly Planning pages, and 5 Daily Planning Pages per week for the entire year. The pages are undated so you can start any time and they are already organized and ready to print per our instruction pages.

Simplified Planning System Instructions 

A full set of instructions that walks you through our system and how to use each page. This shows you HOW to decide what’s a priority and what you can skip with worksheets to help you through the process.  

You can grab the Weekly Planning Pages here…


The Weekly Planning Pages are designed to be EASY.  If you’re dealing with cancer you don’t have extra time.  And if by some miracle you get some extra time, you want to spend it DOING ANYTHING that’s not cancer related.

The Weekly Planning Pages are designed to be QUICK and EASY.  The simplified planning system will take about 20 minutes and once you figure out the priorities that need to be included in your week, planning out your week will take minutes. 

And you can do it from the couch watching Netflix.

You can grab the Weekly Planning Pages here…


We’ve included every single thing you could possibly need to implement the easiest planning system ever.  But, if you need more support or have questions or feedback, you can email us at cancerbombblog@gmail.com.  We answer every single email.

You can grab the Weekly Planning Pages here…


The Weekly Planning Pages are a printable planner.  You’ll receive immediate access after purchase and all of the download links will be sent directly to your email.  

If you don’t receive it within a few minutes, check your SPAM folder.  If you still don’t receive it, you can email us at cancerbombblog@gmail.com and we’ll get you squared away.  

You can grab the Weekly Planning Pages here…

100% Money Back Guarantee

We make refunds as easy as possible. No questions asked, no explanation needed. If you’re not 100% happy with your purchase, you can email us at cancerbombblog@gmail.com for a full refund.

You can grab the Weekly Planning Pages for $7 here…

 I am completely dedicated to making this situation easier for you and for your family—and that means doing whatever I can to support you along the way.

If you still don’t find what you’re looking for, or you have additional questions, shoot us an email—we’re happy to help you find the answers. 

And regardless of where YOU are at right now in the cancer journey, or regardless of whether you have already tried and failed to successfully get your week under control, The Weekly Planning Pages can help. 

They provide a comprehensive, step-by-step plan to help you take the right action to make the upcoming weeks easier to manage. 

Don’t miss your chance to transform your week and take your sanity to a whole new level. With a 100% money back guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose. 

You can grab the Weekly Planning Pages here…

When it comes to cancer EVERYTHING is subject to change but with a little bit of pre-planning (which you can do at night while you’re watching TV), you will feel a lot more in control of the day-to-day craziness.

Using this caregiver planner to map out my week is the ONLY way I’ve been able to manage everything without completely losing my mind.  

Cancer makes life complex and unpredictable, but having a flexible mapped out plan?  That’s the equivalent of wearing a LIFE SAVER to keep you from drowning as you charter the rough waters.  


P.S.  Don’t forget!  If you’re overwhelmed by all this cancer business, we can relate!  

The Cancer Binder Pack will walk you through the quick and easy system we used to organize our medical information.  

Step-by-step instructions, printable forms, and monthly calendar pages so you can ALWAYS find what you need when you need it. 

And the best part, it’s FREE…

You can get the Cancer Binder Pack here…

P.P.S.  You’re already dealing with the stress, the emotions, the terror, and the uncertainty of a cancer situation.  Now, on top of that, you have to figure out how to handle everything else that comes with this disease.

This printable caregiver planner is the only way I was able to survive a crazy week with a million things going on.  It focuses on priorities… 

  • Where do you need to be?
  • What do you need to do?
  • How can you head off as much craziness as possible?

The weekly planning pages are a simple and quick “snapshot” of everything you have going on this week with a SIMPLE format.   It includes step-by-step instructions (with screenshots) for printing and binding your planner in the cheapest way possible.  

You can grab the weekly planning pages here for $7…

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