41 Strong Family Affirmations For Families in The Midst of Cancer.

I’ll never forget the day my dad was diagnosed with cancer. It was the very first day of my family’s cancer life, even though I didn’t know it then.

He’d been having some really strange symptoms and had been to at least 10 different specialists trying to find someone who could help him.

That day he called me at work and said that there was a doctor in NYC that might be able to help him and he’d managed to get an appointment tomorrow morning… could we go down tonight?

As we got in the car to leave, I was excitedly talking about the new doctor. “This is a great idea,” I said, they have so much more experience in the City.” “I think we’re going to finally get some answers.”

“Well”, he said. “I think we may already have the answer.” “They found something on my lung.”

“Wait, what?” “What does that mean.”

And that’s when the shit show began.

My family spending time together and enjoying life despite a cancer diagnosis.  Text overlay says 41 Strong Family Affirmations For Families in the Midst of Cancer.

He was diagnosed with Lung Cancer and I had absolutely no idea what was about to happen to us.  

You can’t possibly prepare for cancer life. It’s like getting pulled into a riptide and fighting like hell so you don’t drown. Every member of my family was affected by this.

It’s sink or swim.  

So I just kept silently repeating over and over in my head “It’s okay. Calm down, we’re gonna be okay.”

I had no idea for the longest time that repeating a phrase over and over to myself was even a thing.

But, it is. And it works… It’s something my whole family now uses on a daily basis to get through things.

And I use them every day as I take care of my family.

Affirmations are a type of positive self-talk. 

Positive messages, powerful affirmations, or a positive mindset to help you get through anxious feelings or emotional distress. They are a powerful tool that can also help you push out negative self-talk and replace it with positive thinking.

The good news is, you can use these positive thoughts during stressful situations, to get through a single moment of terror or whatever your family’s needs

 Strength affirmations are the best way to improve your positive energy and crush negative thoughts during hard times.

  • To get through a panicked situation.  “Just keep breathing. It’s okay. We’re gonna be okay.” 
  • As a reminder of how to handle times of stress before they happen (kind of like practicing before the big game). “I feel anxious, but that’s okay. I’ve been here before and I know how to get through it.”  
  • As a reminder to reach a goal you want to improve in everyday life. “I will find something each and every day to be thankful for.”  

Managing your mental heath is a big and complex job during a cancer situation. There are so many things that can negatively affect you during a situation of this magnitude. Strong relationships are what pull you through.

 Our state of mind is a compilation of our past, and present thoughts and feelings. 

So, in difficult times, full of fear and uncertainty, when your stress levels are out of control… kind words and loving words towards yourself and your family is more important than ever.

When it comes to managing stress and anxiety, self-awareness is a major factor. 

Understanding how you feel, where those feelings are coming from, and why you’re having those particular feelings, gives you the greatest potential to begin to manage your inner power. 

Strong people have to work hard every single day to dispel negative energy and find daily affirmations to focus on. A good way to start working on this is with a therapist or a counselor (or another medical professional).

But, if you’re a caregiver or an extended family who has been thrust into this battle, you barely have time to brush your teeth, much less figure out an effective way to process all of these intense feelings so you can find some inner peace.

It’s okay to explore some of the different kinds of help out there…

  • If you feel like you should talk to someone but have no idea how you would find the time.
  • Or, if the idea of sitting in a room with someone telling them your darkest secrets is extremely intimidating… 

The changes in the world over the last few years have made it EASY to talk to a therapist from wherever you are.

Talkspace gives you access to a licensed therapist on YOUR schedule and from the comfort of your home. They work with some insurances and offer tools and solutions to help you navigate the challenges and anxiety that will pop up as a result of this situation.  

Worried that you won’t be able to talk freely to a therapist? A lot of these conversations are done by text, so you won’t have to worry about being overheard or interrupted constantly.  

It’s like having just one more support system in your arsenal to get through this situation.

You can learn more about Talkspace here…

Focusing on powerful statements is a simple way to enhance your state of mind. Choose one of these phrases to repeat to yourself every day.

You can try talking to yourself in the mirror in the mornings, or reminding yourself while you’re driving. These small positive changes will make a HUGE impact and give you a better life.

Telling yourself things like, “I am confident” or “I am relaxed and at peace” will sink into your subconscious mind. And over the long term, you will start to believe the positive statements you have repeated to yourself.

Looking for some quick powerful tools to add to your daily routine that combats negative emotions and really work? You’re in the right place.

  • Affirmation (positive self-talk)
  • Meditation (15 minutes per day to sit in silence and clear your head does wonders for your mental state) 
  • Deep breathing techniques (breathing in through your nose and out through the mouth will slow your heart rate and help to curb anxiousness)

Establishing a daily practice of using the power of positive affirmations to improve your mental strength and build stronger relationships with each passing day. Don’t worry about finding the right words, that’s not the most important thing. Just focus on healthy family relationships, and a positive influence and you’ll be golden.

That one change can have a significant impact. There are a lot of benefits of positive affirmations on your family connections. 

It’s a great way to focus in a better direction and become a strong person. It will also lower anxiety levels, tackle mental health issues, and reduce feelings of panic. 

You can still have a happy life and a positive attitude, even when cancer drops in. We did.

These are our best family affirmations for a strong family to get through the challenges of cancer. They will help you through moments of panic, and they will give you a greater way to process your own thoughts.

Positive mantras really do work and they can help families get through tough times and find a more positive outlook, even when everything sucks. 

Looking on the bright side probably sounds insignificant but it changes EVERYTHING during cancer. Everything.

Reframing my negative beliefs helps me deal with the craziness that comes with cancer, and I hope it helps you too.

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41 Positive Family Affirmations to Overcome Difficult Situations

Mother and two daughters standing outside looking strong and happy.
  1. Cancer picked the wrong family, we will use this situation to become unstoppable.
  2. Cancer is not stronger than the love of this family.
  3. We can get through anything as long as we stick together.
  4. Cancer can’t take away our happiness, we will choose happiness every day.
  5. It doesn’t matter what today brings, I know that God is in charge and I will trust him to protect myself and my family.
  6. Together, we are stronger. We can handle any challenge cancer throws at us today.
  7. We will rise to challenges because I know we can get through them.
  8. We are resilient. We will bounce back from anything life throws at us.
  9. We are strong enough to handle this.
  10. I know we can do this. We can do anything we set our minds to.
  11. We can work through stressful things.
  12. We will not give up.
  13. We are not afraid to tackle the hard stuff in life.
  14. We support and love each other no matter what.
  15. We can be flexible and roll with the punches. 
  16. We will be calm and collected no matter the situation.
  17. Difficulties and challenges will help us learn and grow.
  18. We can withstand whatever stress comes flying our way.
  19. We won’t let fear hold us back.  
  20. We can find something good in any situation.
  21. We will accept challenges as opportunities to learn and grow.
  22. We will approach each day with hope and positivity.
  23. I will evaluate challenges and focus on finding a solution.
  24. If we fall down, We will help each other get back up. We will provide emotional support to each other.
  25. We will trust that this is not in our hands and let God handle it.
  26. We will support and encourage each other no matter how bad things get.
  27. When the situation gets too intense, we will take it step by step.
  28. Cancer doesn’t get to take over our whole life, we will still do the things that make us happy.
  29. It’s okay if We don’t know exactly what to do, we will do the best we can.
  30. I will forgive myself when I screw up.
  31. We can do ANYTHING for… (5 days, two weeks, 30 minutes, etc.)
  32. We refuse to be a victim of these crappy circumstances.
  33. We refuse to be held hostage by worries and fear.
  34. We will be open to all of the options presented to us.
  35. We can work through the ups and downs of life.
  36. What We’re doing together is important and meaningful.
  37. We will be honest with each other about how we’re feeling. That’s the key to our emotional health.
  38. We will be grateful for everything that We have.
  39. We will find something to be thankful for every day.
  40. We will keep going even when we feel exhausted.
  41. We will stick together always and Cancer will only make us stronger.

The Cancer Binder Pack will walk you through the quick and easy system we used to organize our medical information. Step-by-step instructions, printable forms, and monthly calendar pages so you can ALWAYS find what you need when you need it. 

And, the best part it’s 100% FREE when you sign up for our weekly emails which are packed full of quick tips and inspiration to help you keep going through this insanely stressful situation (from someone who is living it)...

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