33 Best Memorial Gift Ideas For Someone Who is Grieving.

Losing someone we love can have a profound impact on our lives.  It reshapes the way we see the world and changes the way we feel about everything. During these heart-wrenching moments, it’s natural to want to offer comfort, compassion, and support to someone whose grieving.

One of the best ways to honor their treasured memories is by choosing a special gift. Thoughtful presents that serve as a reminder, of their love, presence, and influence in our lives. 

Young woman crying Text says Best Memorial Gifts for Someone who is grieving.

These gifts are a special way to bring comfort to someone who is experiencing a difficult time. From keepsakes that embrace their memory, to therapeutic gifts that promote healing, we’ll guide you through the process of selecting a sympathy gift that sends heartfelt condolences and empathy to a grieving friend or family member who desperately needs it.

Note:  While this list was made for humans, several memorial gift ideas on this list could be appropriate for pet owners whose fur babies have crossed over the rainbow bridge.  

Best Condolence Gifts For Someone Who is Grieving

1. Personalized Projection Bracelets 

This is cool.  And totally different than anything you’ve ever seen before.  It looks like an ordinary bracelet but it’s not, it’s a projection bracelet that you can load with pictures and memories.  

They can wear it all the time, and no one will know, but they can share it whenever they choose.  And late at night when they can’t sleep… they can project the images on the ceiling.  For hours if they want to.

You can check out this personalized projection bracelet here…

2. Custom Memorial Blanket With Photos

This incredibly customized blanket is the best way to wrap yourself in the memory of someone you love.   They have tons of personal options… this blanket can be created with your favorite photo or several of your favorite photos, and beautiful quote and sayings.

You can create exactly what you want so they have an amazing gift to help them get through cold evenings for years to come. 

You can check out this personalized memorial blanket here…

3. Share Whispers in the Wind

Beautiful teal windshimes hanging in a window.

This beautiful memorial wind chimes are made out of Capiz shells that will remind them of their loved one with every breeze.  The subtle chimes creates a calming sound that will remind them of the person they lost.  And the shells are the color of the ocean and will shine in the light  

You can check out these gorgeous calming wind chimes here…

4. Remembrance Necklace with Picture

A memorial necklace they can wear every day.  Add your favorite picture to this silver pendant which will surround the photo with a special message that will warm their heart.  Losing someone you love is heartbreaking… surrounding yourself in memories doesn’t fix anything but it allows you to keep special memories close to your heart and share them with the people you love. 

You can check out this memorial necklace here…

5. Healing Crystal Bracelet

The power of energy and healing from these natural stones.  Most people will agree that when you lose someone you love you have no idea what will help you feel better.  These crystals do the work for you… Created with soothing, calming and uplifting properties that naturally ease stress and tension.  All you have to do is put it on.

You can check out this healing crystal bracelet here… 

6. Build A Bear With a Voice Box

Build a Bear Brown Teddy Bear

You might not have thought about this, but when my father-in-law died, my mother-in-law had a saved voice message from him that means the world to her.  Every single morning she plays that message with her morning coffee.  Thankfully, someone figured out that she could add that message to a Build-a-Bear, and now every morning she has coffee with her Build a Bear as she listens to her husband tell her how she’s “the most beautiful girl in the world and how much he loves her.”  This is a memorial keepsake they will cherish forever.  

You can create your own Build A Bear here…

7. Memorialight Modern Grief Gift

Grief is full of darkness, sadness, and heavy emotions.  This clear crystal prism will decorate the room in rainbows and light.  While it may not mean much, just allowing some light to enter their lives can surround them in encouragement and hope, even when they don’t feel like they ever will ever know those feelings again.

You can check out this crystal clear prism here…

8. Photo Frame Shadow Box

Add a picture you love to this comforting quote and you’ll have a gift they will cherish forever.  A personal gift they can look at every time they walk through the room and memories they can hold on to forever.

You can check out this picture frame shadow box here…

9. Memorial Lantern

10. Send a Guardian Angel

A guardian angle sitting on a table top

This elegant guardian Angel symbolizes a way for them to stay connected to the person they love in heaven while also offering the peace and protection they need on earth.

You can check out this elegant guardian Angel here…

11. Shadow Box

This breathtaking shadow box lights up and offers an array of comforting quotes.  Help them remember that they’re not alone and that light and hope is still present in their lives..

You can check out this LED shadow box here…

12. Memorial Garden Stone 

These memorial stones for the garden has one of my absolute favorite quotes of all time “perhaps they are not stars in the sky but rather openings where our loved ones shine down to let us know they are happy.”  This is a great way to honor someone you’re missing and keep them at the front of your mind.

You can check out this memorial garden stone here…

13. Send a Momento Box

Momento box filled with pictures, jwlery and memories opened in front of a mirror

This is a keepsake box to protect the treasures their loved one has given them over time.  Jewelry, letters, tokens, pictures… going through the box and reminiscing about each item can be particularly helpful.  Even on the bad days.

You can check out the memento box here…

14. Memory Light Candle 

Memorial candles to help honor our fallen.  A gentle candle with a comforting quote to light the way on even their darkest days.

You can check out the Memory Light Candle here…

15. Outdoor Wind Chimes

This is a great bereavement gift idea that’ll make them think of their loved one every time a gentle breeze blows.  It’s like a tangible reminder that they are surrounded and loved.

You can check out these wind chimes here…

16. Send Light

A symbolic candle housed in a 6 sided lantern.

A candle is a symbolic gift.  When you burn a candle for a loved one who is lost you honor them and their memory.  You can’t take away the pain, but you can encourage them and show your support.  This beautiful candle set comes encased in a 6-sided lantern that will add hope and encouragement to any room.

You can check out how to send light here…

17. Send a Lasting Memory

A gorgeous teal picture frame with a hand printed pattern.

This hand-printed Carn frame creates a gorgeous backdrop for their favorite photo so they can be surrounded by their best memories all the time.

You can check out this gorgeous picture frame here…

18. Send Love Birds 

2 love birds made out of antique wire.

These love birds are the perfect gift for someone who has lost their spouse.  Love birds are small African parrots that are inseparable so this gift symbolizes forever love and partnership.  This is a reminder that although we’re apart, we are always together.

You can find the love birds here…

19. The Chain Will Link Again

This is a thoughtful gift they can wear all the time.  Made of sterling silver this necklace is a reminder that you’ll be together with your loved one and that the “chain will link again.”

You can check out the chain will link again here…

20. Send Healing Energy

Gree Mala prayer beads

Mala prayer beads are famous for their healing properties that promote peace and tranquility.  They can be worn as jewelry or held during meditation, prayer, or even through a particularly bad moment.

You can learn more about healing energy here…

21. Memorial Moon Lamp

This light-up moon lamp is a unique gift they’ll appreciate.  This attractive lamp boasts a hanging quote that will offer comfort and encouragement when everything sucks.

You can learn more about this memorial moon lamp here…

22. Joycuff Memorial Bracelet

This lightweight stainless steel bracelet has a secret message of hope and comfort inside the bracelet that only they will know is there.   A reminder of how much they loved and were loved in return that they can wear every day.

You can grab this Joycuff bracelet here…

23. Custom Memorial Keychains

These custom memorial keychains hold pictures of their very best memories.  You can use them to hold car keys, you can display them, attach them to a keepsake box, or hang them by your bed… the possibilities are endless.  Regardless they’ll have a visual reminder of a deep and meaningful relationship that they cherish.

You can grab these custom keychains here…

24. Glass Heart Memorial Gift 

A glass heart decorated with beautiful words and a pop of color to remind them that the people we have lost are not gone forever, that they’re with us all the time.

You can check out this glass heart memorial gift here…

25. Willow Tree Remembrance Angel

This simple yet elegant hand-painted sculpted angel will offer comfort and peace on the days that suck.  She looks like a guardian angel, offering connection and protection to those who are trying to survive the long days and nights without someone they love.

You can find the Willow Tree Remembrance Angel here…

26. Memorial Christmas Ornament 

A personalized gift for the Christmas tree, this ornament will help them get through the holiday season while keeping the memory of their loved one front and center.  This ornament is a highly personalized gift and includes a picture, name, and date of their very special loved one.

You can grab this personalized Christmas ornament here…

27. Christmas Angel Wings Photo Ornaments 

This memorial ornament is an incredibly thoughtful sympathy gift. A Christmas ornament that literally wraps the person they love in the silver wings of an angel is a wonderful way to help them endure the holiday season.   

You can find this ornament here…

28. Memorial Painting

Portrait created from the 3 pictures below the frame.

Give them a portrait of their favorite person that they can keep forever.  This thoughtful keepsake will blow them away.  It’s a hand-painted portrait that can be created from different pictures and put together in one painting.  So if for example, you have a grandfather who passed before meeting his grandchildren… You can create a custom portrait of Grand Pa and all of his grandchildren.

You can learn more about this amazing gift here…

29. Cardinals Appear When Angels Are Near Bird Feeder

Cardnial bird feeder

The grief gift that gives back.  There’s not much that can soothe your soul like watching birds enjoy a bird feeder.  It makes you feel content and like you’re not alone.  This memorial birdfeeder doesn’t just feed the birds, it reminds you that when Cardinals come your angels are near.  Give them hours of comfort watching for Cardinals.

You can grab this Cardinal bird feeder here…

30. In Our Hearts Memorial Photo Acrylic Heart

crystal heart personalized with photo and text.

This crystal acrylic heart looks like glass and includes a personal photo of your choice and a comforting quote from remembrance.

You can find this thoughtful gift here…

31. How to Carry What Can’t Be Fixed: A Journal for Grief

How to carry what can't be fixed journal.

Created by best-selling author Megan Devine who knows up close and personal what grief is like.  This journal walks you through your story and helps you process the feelings and emotions that come with losing someone you love.  It also helps you practice the side effects of grief, like meltdowns in the grocery store, suddenly being the awkward guest, and how to deal with the nights you can’t sleep.  This journal helps you discover what it means to find meaning in your loss, helps with the healing process, and gives you real ways to respond to ridiculous questions like how are you doing? 

You can check out the gift that will help them work through some of the trauma here…

32. It’s OK that You’re Not OK

It's ok that you're not ok book.

Best-selling author Megan Devine knows up close and personal what grief is like. I was introduced to this book by a friend of mine who had recently lost her husband and expressed that this book is the real deal and that anyone struggling with loss should read it.  Everyone else approaches grief as trying to get back to happy.  Megan helps you build a life around the grief that will never go away.  A real approach to devastating loss while living in a world with people who just don’t understand what you’re going through.

If you want to help them work through some of the loss, this is the gift they need…

33. Send a Sun Catcher

This is an incredibly meaningful gift for a grieving person.  This beautiful spiral sun catcher will spin and create a burst of color when it catches the light.  Even during their darkest time, this will be a beautiful way to promote light and inspiration with a gift that will mesmerize them.  No matter how bad they’re feeling this incredible gift will brighten their day.

You can find this sun catcher here… 

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