3 Amazing Tips We Learned from Hospice.

 Facing end of life decisions for a love one is a difficult transition. No one can be prepared when someone they love is dying, but Hospice is AMAZING at helping you get through. #Cancersucks #thankgodforhospice #godgivesyouwhatyouneedwhenyouneedit

The amazing tips and tricks we learned from hospice helped us tremendously, and they will help you too…

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Things changed for us pretty quickly at the end of my dad’s journey with Small Cell Lung Cancer.  We had some unexpected and really serious complications that resulted in us moving from treatment to Hospice, almost immediately.  Thankfully, what we learned from Hospice helped us tremendously.

If you’ve just found yourself in a hospice situation and aren’t sure what to expect we can walk you through our experiance here…

To say that this was a difficult time for us is an understatement.  First of all, it was totally unexpected as we had been fighting a hell of a battle up until this point, and second no matter how much you prepare for the end of this journeyYou will NEVER be prepared.

Despite the fact, that we were devastated… Hospice was AMAZING!  The people who do that job are angels sent straight down from Heaven.  They were so compassionate, helpful and knowledgeable.

And they didn’t just focus on daddy, they provided a ton of support to us.  They talked to us, listened to our stories, looked at our pictures and a few of them even cried with us.   I couldn’t even begin to tell you everything we learned from Hospice.

They were available 24 hours a day and gave us emergency contact numbers to call for anything we needed.  We usually saw 2-3 people a day (nurses, aides, chaplains, social workers).  They gave us all the supplies we needed, and they helped us navigate some pretty scary and difficult terrain.

And it didn’t cost us a dime.  Not one penny.

They taught us a lot and supported us during a really dark and confusing time.  If you ever find yourself in need of Hospice (although I pray you never do), rest assured you are in good and capable hands.

You can take a look at the Community Hospice Program that we used to get an idea of the care and compassion they provide.

The AMAZING TIPS we learned from Hospice

(Full credit for the tips in this post goes to the Community Hospice Program, they were incredible!)


We attempted this one on our own and let me tell you what a disaster that was.

Bathing was pretty simple…once we learned from Hospice how to actually do it.

Skip the washcloths, they are abrasive and they feel like sandpaper.

The easiest way to deal with bathing is to use disposable no rinse adult bathing wipes and a clean dishpan that you can get from the dollar store for a buck.

Add warm clean water (no soap needed) to the dishpan and throw into the water some of those disposable wipes.  Now you can clean every area of the body with the wipes while rinsing them as necessary.

Gently do the front and then roll your loved one on each side to take care of the back.

Once done, the water gets tossed and the wipes get thrown out.  The pan is washed out for tomorrow.


Let’s get real here.  Depends are fantastic for urine.

They are HORRIBLE for bowel movements, diarrhea, accidents or anything like that.  Unfortunately, bathroom issues are a significant part of remaining in bed and of cancer, so we really needed help…

Northshore Supreme Briefs:   I scoured Amazon (because I’m a Prime Member) and I found these… They are fantastic!  Nothing is getting through these bad boys.  Nothing.

They are not cheap, so use them as needed… But I am telling you, they are solid.   They are adult diapers that keep you clean and dry with no leaking.

They are 100% worth the money because they make bathroom situations SO MUCH EASIER to manage. (P.S. These were also fantastic for long car rides before we started Hospice.)

 Disposable Underpads (Chux): You can get these anywhere.  These are fantastic as an extra layer of protection. Place them on top of the sheet and under your loved one.

We used these throughout out our whole battle with cancer…  If your loved one is not bedridden- you can use them anywhere.  On a bed, in the car, on the couch… anywhere you need an additional layer of protection.

You can check Chux out here…

Anti-Fungal Cream:  Slather (and I do mean slather) an anti-fungal lotion similar to this one all over the important areas (groin and buttocks) to ensure that any moisture, heat, wetness, etc. doesn’t create a problem.

Just slather the lotion on and leave a good layer of coverage.  No need to rub it in until it disappears, slather it all over and leave it on thick for extra protection.


Hospice taught us some pretty incredible things and helped us manage so many difficult situations.

But without question, the one that ALWAYS sticks out in my mind is changing the T-shirt.

What’s the easiest way to change a T-shirt you ask, when your loved one is not able to help you?

You take a soft cotton T-shirt.  Just a plain white undershirt works great.

You cut the shirt in the back, straight up the middle.  A straight line from bottom to top.

You place one arm in, and then the other and tuck the remainder of the shirt in the back.

Easy to get on and off.  This is brilliant.  And you just throw them in the wash like normal.

The transition from treatment to end of life was pretty scary, but with the amazing tips we learned from Hospice, we were able to make it through.

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 Facing end of life decisions for a love one is a difficult transition. No one can be prepared when someone they love is dying, but Hospice is AMAZING at helping you get through. #Cancersucks #thankgodforhospice #godgivesyouwhatyouneedwhenyouneedit

Facing end of life decisions for a love one is a difficult transition. No one can be prepared when someone they love is dying, but Hospice is AMAZING at helping you get through. #Cancersucks #thankgodforhospice #godgivesyouwhatyouneedwhenyouneedit

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